The Mind is everything. What we think we become - Lord Buddha

Buddha’s thoughtful quote: “The Mind is everything. What You think you become. Lord Buddha

Many questions have been asked who create us, the human being. Why we are here? Why we are not what we supposed to be? Why so many poor? Why war? Why they enjoy life so much, while not many of us?

These questions have arisen to many of us since we were in early age. We still cannot provide the answer for ourselves yet. Most of us is seeking and tirelessly working to reach such satisfied response. So far, we are not yet there. We are still in doubt and rather more and more worrisome and concerns come us. What should we now?

First and foremost, step ourselves back a moment and calm ourselves down before we seek to resolve such complicated ever question. There must be answer for sure but it is not for sure that we can obtain the answer. We would be able to answer all of these questions in this life. However, we need to know the procedures to get there. Please follow the following steps then we will get a better picture of ourselves.

The very first is by looking at ourselves, our everyday activity, our communication with people around us and also the outcome resulting from those actions. What did we see and what we have done? Do people happy with us when we are conducting that work? If we see that we are doing our best to serve ourselves by not harming others and when we encounter many smiles from our surrounded environment we will then realize who we really are. We are the people who can help ourselves and the community around us; we are the guy who possess good communication with people and that people love us; they care of us; they want to know about us etc.

After getting to know our activity why don't start to question what or who the determiner is. Who instructs us to do or perform such behavior like this. Do we think it is from outside forces? Do we think other highest power than us is deciding on behalf of us? Perhaps, there are bunch of people choose this way of thinking. It's, in fact, not true at all. No other self or thing is above us, except ourselves. We are the master of our mind with a body. Whatever we are producing, it is from our though. Our thought initiates the very first thing. Our thought is the determiner, the God, the Shiva or Barman. Without our thought, there is no things, no outcome, no impacts, no more good and bad. Look at the insense person. This group of people has mental problem. They can't control their though anymore. Hence when they are doing something, they are doing nothing since no intention to hurt us or destroy us. No happy and no sad.

What then the answer of who we are? Isn't it we are the product of what we think? Of course, we are our habits of thinking. If our habitual thinking is bad, we soon become a bad guy. Yet, when we can purified our mind and calm it down gradually, we become a good, wise person. The key to paint a picture of ourselves is in our both hand. No one can beside us. We are the one who will take charge on our destiny, our failure or success, our sadness or happiness etc.

The conclusion from Lord Buddha as you can see in the above quote is that our mind is everything and what we think we become.

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