Violence and Aggression: Innate or Learned?

There have been a lot of academic studies by conducted by scholars around the world on this contentious matter. They came up with different result, though. Some researchers found out that from the long past history till date violence conflicts and war exist along human race. Therefore, they assume that violence and aggressiveness is human's property and it has been inherited since the day one was born. However, from the same facts and figures there are some researchers rather discovered very opposite answer. To this group of people, they recognize that human is good. They were born to be good. With some weakening proof, they claim that throughout history human is seeking to build an ideal type of society; they cooperate with each other; and they are inventing services for the goodness of humanity.

Now one can see that two opposite opinions on whether violence and aggressiveness is naturally inherited is confronting with each other. These two schools never get along each other. They pay lots of efforts to still gather as much as evident to proof that their argument is right and their counterpart is wrong. To date, these two schools strongly ground their belief and perhaps never change their mind.

Which one as you are a reader to fall in? Do you think we are bad by nature or we are good from the origin? Do you think violent conflicts are permanent? Do you think only self-help contributes to the survival of all races? You do not need to make up your mind now. You can sleep in on it for a while.

Nonetheless, please continue to read the following passage on the third argument. It may help you all, to some extent, by providing another point of views of human's nature.

Imagine if everyone is inborn aggressive, there would be no more mom and dad. For what reason our mom and dad created us if as a baby boy or girl when growing up are going to be killed and kill our lovely parents. There must be a compassionated mind from their heart to kindly look after children and enjoy a warmed family. It is noteworthy to remember that parents already show their love to children since the very first time they knew there was a body going to live with them soon. They 360 decree changed their thought, roles, behavior. They want to be a good daddy and mommy. Goodness starts to exist in their mind and this will transfer automatically through genetically shells to little puppy. Hence, this is to proof that where there is love and care it means for sure that human is not aggressively or violently innate. But why the world we are living is experiencing many wars and fighting if human is good?

Saying human is good does not mean that they can't be bad. They could for sure. But the point is this: human was born blank. As one has witnessed, the very young children is simply like a white, blank paper. There is nothing written on it, no black, blue or red color on it. But throughout time of growing, those children got painted by themselves for sometimes and influenced by others at the other time. From this time onward, those who were peacefully written on become a peaceful person and those who unkindly and mistakenly written on become an aggressive one. Day passes the night, each and everyone is getting clearer and clearer a picture of themselves. So far, is aggression and violence innate or learned?

Additionally, one of the most prominent scholars and peace-marcher, the Dalai Lama 14th, has offered a resourceful and practical answer to the above question. Without hesitation after hearing doubtful questions from the audiences, the Dalai Lama convincingly pointed out that violence and aggression is learned and to him, it can be unlearned. The Dalai Lama believes that the fundamental nature of human being is gentle and compassionate. As with his face of smiling and very often laughing during meeting with people, Dalai Lama expressed that even a little child who has just been born out did not like to see ugly face. You can also test this at home, he said. When little children encounter a face of angriness and not smiling, that little children will soon crying. This means that he or she does not like that violent picture. Instead when you show that little children a good picture, a beautiful girl or a happy object, she or he will laugh immediately.

From this ground, one can conclude that violence and aggression is not inherited. It is learned and completely sure that can be unlearned. By how? We will talk more in later episode about habits to help you readers adapt your behavior in a respectful ways.

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