Your Pain is Our Pain - UK Prime Minister David Cameron's Key address to the French People

David Cameron, UK Prime Minister, is addressing a candidate speech to show condolences of French people and show the violators that they can't be free from punishment.

"We're doing we can to help those caught up in the attack. These were innocent victims enjoy a Friday night out with friends and families. No doubt that the end of a hard week they will not seeking to harm anyone. They were simply going about their way of life, our way of life and they were killed and injured by brutal.. murderous. He wants to destroy everything our two countries stand for: peace, tolerance, liberty. But we will not let them; we will redouble our efforts to wipe out this poisonous extremist ideology. And together with the French and our allies around the world stand up for all we believe in. I just chaired a meeting of .... to review the security situation here in the United Kingdom. The threat level is already at severed which means an attack is highly likely and will remain…Our police and intelligent agency were round the clock to do all they can to do all they can to keep us safe….
There are lots more crucial points in UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s addressing remark. Please kindly watch this for greater detail.
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