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The world one is residing right now is much more Hi-Tech world. The sense of community and warmness is over. The world of Hi-Tech is taken place and exactly looks like in this picture slideshow. Everybody needs thumbs-up, not food to eat, need not meanig of the talking but just texting and need not about spending time with real human body but via invisible screen. So pity!

I was shock when seeing a couple of very rich, beautiful, handsome wife and husband on their vocation or traveling (I guess) in a Five-Stars hotel in Phnom Penh, capital city of Kindong of Cambodia. That morning, I was at IELTs examination. Most of students were waiting in front the door in the que to get in and began their hardest exam. I took some five minutes to walk around the hotel since this is the first time ever i got into such luxuarious place. As I was walking carefully and looking around the wall, the tables, the floor and statues they put along, i was a couple were supposed to enjoy their delicous breakfast on a nice table, chair for only that boy and girl.

However, thing surprised me. They both did not pay much attention to each other, neither the best food serving by the hotel. Quess what they both were doing? Nothing, they were texting, chatting and perhaps scrolling down and up facebook page. They did not even care of their first day on their trip in a very nice place next to Tonle Mekong River, the longest river in Cambodia. Also, they did not care whatever food menu served by the hotel. Food in Cambodia is the most delicious and fresh food in the world since Khmer people plan vegetable and raise animal by traditional means.

Back to our story, how far the world is moving right now? Do you think it is moving faster than we expected it should be? What is the meaning of life to today’s people? Having Iphone 6 or Iphone 7 is the best for life or what else. Having access to facebook, internet and modern technology is everything we need.

How about the meaning of society, community, family, friendship, respect, and so on so forward? Which one is most important and lasting longer? Of course, no rejection. Family, friendship and values are all the most important for our lives. We better balance the time spending between technological world and the world of heart.

Should partition 20 per cent to hi-tech world and 80 per cent to family world. Because family is something you can’t miss but you can stay from facebook. You can’t be away from warmness and friendship, but you can be away from internet for weeks or months. You can’t be away from respect but you can live without texting or chit-chatting.

As you have seen in picture slideshow, it is terribly sorry to encounter such world like this. We need warmness back. We need respect back. We need the reality through our eye, not via small facebook window. We need to be ourselves. We need the community of face-to-face interaction. Join us to regrow this idea.

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