Mother Teresa - The Fruit of Service is PEACE

Everyone wants a blessing life and doing everything to make it happen. Some believe working hard and get money as much as possible would help creating a blessing life. Other contend that study hard and get more and higher degree as many as possible would be the right path to reach success and happy life. For some, they strongly prefer both education and wealth are the keys to a life of harmony. Only very few found that serving the best service to society and the whole community is. However, Mother Teresa is and she falls in this last camp. Why?

Of course, having much wealth is one key and possessing higher knowledge is another crucial and required tools to reach our ended of goal of harmonizational life. Nonetheless, in the reality we can that those who have lots of money tend to lack of practical knowledge or even did not care if to have one. On the other hand, those who obtain a great amount of knowledge, which we generally believe can help to create a warm and humble life, can't never reach it. There is a big gap between these two since once you have money you tend to forget about studying and learning more, new lessons. On the other, once you become smart and at the top you tend to ignore the practical work; you tend to focus more theoretical basis. As such, having one or another is not enough. You better have both but since to get both of them is the hardest and most difficult task ever, except if you have trained yourself since, you have to fight for it.

From the moment Mother Teresa's selfless service have been publicly shared and broadcasted, millions of people in the world started to take a look at what they are doing every day, how much for own-self and how many degree sacrificing for others. These questions have arisen in mind of not just old people and our young generation as well. They began to put this selfless theory into their everyday practice in order to find out if it is real that selfless service will multiple one's own happiness and after all receiving a blessing life. One after another positively accept this dichotomy and wanted to encourage their friends, family, and community as a whole to work on this project. Not so long, individuals, groups, society, business sector as well as civil society plus government came to accept and produce even more greater policy to favor this theory. Additionally, those who master at this activity become a national hero and are awarded with title and grants. 

Nowadays, this idea is in people's heart, body and soul. Everywhere one can see projects, events, meeting, or movements to multiply push this theory into practice even more effective. However, for one thing must be done and always be done to put this selfless theory into each and every national fundamental education. It is perhaps the most difficult and complicated tasks for a state but, of course, the only effective way to get human egoist-free is by training them from very young age. The world has witnessed already how hard it has to force the elderly people to leave their conservative idea and picking up new, liberal idea. As such, inject selfless service theory into educational system since very beginning will yield great outcome.

What are the implications when each individual becomes selfless and rather focusing more outside one's own self? This is the topic to be discussed by our later article. Please follow up with our blog and do contribute your ideas, comments and any suggestion to this and the following article. We really appreciate your contribution and very positively to see come back next time.
"A Sacrifice to be real must cost, must hurt, must empty ourselves. The fruit of silence is prayer, the fruit of prayer is faith, the fruit of faith is love, the fruit of love is service, the fruit of service is peace." Mother Teresa

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