Nothing can stop us from doing what we want, except our heart

Have you attempted to open a business on your own if you are a business student? Have you attempted to apply for a grant from a higher authority or organization to study for free? Have you made it? Many people did not make it happen. They felt they will not be able to compete with others; they thought they will not get any chance into that. They worried that they will be more frustrated when people found out that they failed the course, business, scholarship competition or whatever intensive task. They concern about this and that; they worry about this and that. And finally, they gave up even before they start the project.

And when they try it just one time they would say it is because such a difficult work that fail them while the others blame the outside situation such as the sun, sky or the environment that stands as the major obstacles stopping them from successfully completing their tasks. This type of people will give just one and one chance to themselves and when they can't make it happen they will feel inferior and promise not to do it again. Such a cowardice mind.

In fact, most of the time nothing is going to fail us but we ourselves will do it directly. We did not believe in ourselves; we are not sure if we can do it and how can we make it happen if so. Most often people in this category are a plan-failure. Or they may have a plan but their plan is to fail themselves, not the opposite. As such, before doing anything try to make up our mind - what we want the most; what are the goal, objective and portable missions. Draw everything in a clear picture of your mind and also in paper before you put it into practice. Remember one famous quote always if you do not believe in this text. The quote is: "If you fail to plan then you plan to fail."

In fact, nothing can stop us from doing what you want except your heart/mind. We must begin with our heart, head and soul. We must work on the plan with our heart, head and soul. Believe or not we will succeed everything task if we stick to this principle. As shown in the picture, this house is full of energy. She can drag and throws that chair away easy but why she is still for her master? It is because she sets a programme in her mind that she can't do it; she will not be able to do it; she will be beaten or frustrated if she can make it happen successfully. The same thing applies to our every mindset. Most often we set our mind in a very low point. We don't believe that we can anything than just simple stuffs like cooking, cleaning, and looking after children etc. Actually, we set it to this level. 

Look at those famous people that they have achieved the maximum in their life. Are they different from us? Are they human being? They are the same like us; they are all human being. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Dalai Lama, Aung San Suu Kyi, Jesus Christ or even Buddha is all human beings. They reach the top not because of luck, not because of accidently happen, not because of somebody corruptly help them, but they reach the top because they set themselves that they will make it and they go it.

Now, let leave up burden from yourselves, free yourselves and always work for extra mile. Make your new, productive mind for new and healthy result. Remember one quote from Brian Tracy: "Don't expect something different if you keep do the same things." And also change your mind will automatically change your life as well. Brian Tracy.
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