10 Top Qualities of Great Leaders

How leader is doing is big different from what manager is doing. Leader is leading while manager is following. Leader is doing the right thing while manager doing the thing right. Leader prefers the blur colour while manager and simple people prefer clear white, red or black colour. What are such qualities to be a great leader in business and all positions? We have ten traits of greater’s norm:

CEO or leader share values and attitudes whereas managers and boss share only skills and knowledge. Find out those intrinsic values with us now.

a).  Leaders Works with Blurriness: Very often people want a clear cut decisions, great leaders would like to see a combination of grey shadow. Successful leaders are able to handle apparent contradictions in tension. They use these paradoxes to come up with innovative ideas.
b).   Leaders Like Blank Sheets of Paper: Managers and simple boss use given policies and procedures to guide them to make a proper decision. They prefer a clear instruction so that they could do and succeed it on time. In contrast, great leaders create a white paper so that managers can pen on it with any colour. Every leader wants something from scratch so that they can have such unique, innovative idea.

c).   Leaders love people around them but need a challenging one: Unlike boss who only prefer the staffs that like to listen to them, leaders would love to see challenges from people around them, and this means leader would like to hire the most challenging people. They don’t if today’s challenger might be tomorrow’s rival. Challengers give leader new idea always.

d).   Leaders Prefer Choices: Diversity is the best and only options for great leaders. Diversity springs unique thinking. A team of ten’s head is much better and a team of hundred people but one dominant brain.

e).   Leaders like to see the facts: Although it’s good or bad, successful leader are always welcome it. They wanted to know how they have gone; what’s wrong with their policies; where and how to fix it etc. The real facts can answer lots of question that have been asked long ago. The facts share big pie of the doubts.

f).   Leaders Tie Their Necks Out: Leaders are always at the front. If something went wrong, they will come forward and be responsible for it. They do not blame other, neither the material. Best leaders will say from their heart that it’s their fault and they would like to fix it. They will not run away from the troubles.

g).   Leaders is Themselves.  Whereas successful leader seeks for opinions from their fellow guys, they are profoundly believe in themselves. They are confident in their power of making decision. They are themselves. After all, it’s leader that makes this final decision and it’s them.

h).   Leaders are Critical. Boss’s role is to get things done. Manager’s role is to get thing done right and look if it follows from what leader has set out. Great leaders are different in many senses. They don’t know how to get things done right but they know they are doing the right thing. They are not specialist like Boss or Manager but they are very visionary and very curious about new thing. They like to invent new and unique stuffs. In their head, they only think about something that has never done before.

i).   Leaders are Honest with Themselves: Self-identified is the most vital for leaders. Leaders know for sure who they really are. They love and trust themselves more than anybody else. They encourage themselves; they inspired and they give opportunity themselves to restart everything.

j). Leaders are Loving-kindness persons. The very last and most important trait for all great and successful leader is being a loving-kindness person ever. Having a sympathy mind and compassionate love towards other people regardless skin colour, races, background, and status allow great leader to stay closer to people and get everything learn very quick. It also allows him or her to communicate with surrounding environment very smoothly. Very powerful as have said by John Maxwell, loving-kindness will help everything work smoothly and that co-workers are working not because they are forced to do it but because they are proud to do it.
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