4 things that dollar can never buy

Are you working to collect money as much you can and want? Why you are working so hard to get this money? Do you think money is everything? Will you do anything in order to get this money?

Most of people really wish to have to much money. Money is anything for them. Money is their glorious gift. Money is their happiness. They imagine if they would have millions dollars in hand they would be so happy and they would live happily. They would need nothing more. They will satisfy in life. They think money is the solution for everything. It seems quite true for them.

Look around us, people who own cars, big house, nice phone, and eating nice foods they may look so happy and peaceful. Those who have money tend to that happy, of course. As long as, we don't ask them if they any trouble with much money they have we may not realize that money is not everything. Because through our observation, it seems that money is master of everything. Everyone needs money but money does not need anyone at all. We run for money but money is trying to hide from you.

From social acceptance money, even though it is just fictional creation and artificially used in our society, become the most used tool in human's daily life. However, there is something that we might not think of. Because we are too much dominated by money and money world we tend to only give much value to money and nothing else. But can money buys values, integrity, honesty, loyalty? Can money buy health? Can money buy respect? If so, why there are lots of dishonesty people; why there are so many people get sick; why so many people are fighting each other and pay no respect to each other. Is money the solution to this particular problem?

Of course, money can buy modern Iphone, good house, nice car and delicious foods but not many other things. If money can buy only few things. And these things are not even necessary at all for life. Between respect and nice care, which one is more important to human being. Respect is more than. Driving new, modern car might help you earn respect and values from people around you. Unless you pay them the respect, they give in return also. You can see that you don't need to spend even a penny if you want respect, just be nice to people then you'll get back.

Spending money sometime even make you worse and lower your integrity as people respect you by because you are best people but of your money. When you don't have money, you don't have respect either.

Even sadly than that, money can't buy the four things below. These four things are the major rivals of all human beings. No one wants to meet it; everyone wants to escape from it. They sometime using money to buy it. But they can't at all. Can we buy to not born, growing old, falling sick and of dying? Not at all.

1). Being Born: Money can't buy being born. Althgouh they have very good hospital, professional doctors with hi-tech equipments, still there are some people can't deliver baby. Money can't help this matter at all. It is only with the law of nature.

2). Being Old: You are trying to use make-up or cosmetic stuffs to keep yourself young. Can you anway? Growing old is in their own nature. You can't stop it. Money can't do anything with it.

3). Being Sick: With millions of dollars and with nice food every day, you still get some diseases. Falling sick is our property. Money can't change this systematic suffering.

4). Dying: The very last "Of dying" is the most hated things ever. Getting sick can be recovered one day but dying is not returning. And money can't help escape from dying.
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