5 Leadership Lessons you should learn as early as possible

Leadership is a huge subject to be learned. We can never get it learned within just three months a semester. It takes our whole life to learn it. Even worse for some people because they tend to study everything about leadership; they join seminar, public speaking, reading books and hearing from their fellow friends and coaches. Yet, they still can't catch up the whole meaning of leadership; they cannot make a progress.

It does not matter whether you have to join the leadership seminars or even a class of leadership management with master degree, you still can't be a new productive person if you can't feel leadership. It requires heart to feel leadership first before anything else. To get that feeling, you first need to train yourself very particularly for it. Because this good habit can't just accidently happen to any of us. It does not just happen but it happens very just. You must plan a tree first before you can get the fruit. You have to earn leadership as early as possible before you can be a professional person or great leadership.

In addition, where should you start to earn leadership credit, from which point or on what direction! There are a lot to begin with but the most effective and fundamental lessons that are verified by great leaders, best CEOs, and business person around the world are catgorized into five main lessons-learned. They are: Knowing the appropriate time, knowing what is and not beneficial, knowing own strengths and weaknesses, knowing about the others and lastly knowing geographical location one is living with.

1). Knowing the appropriate time: This is very important for everyone to begin with in order to grow their leadership skill since very young age. Time is artificially created into 24 hours in which 12 hours of the day and 12 hours night time (except in some place night time only five to six hours). One should know for sure when is a sleeping time, breakfast time, lunch time or dinner etc. Also, must be able to know easygoing or tough time for person we are about to meet.

Knowing appropriate time and be able to act accordingly will help a lot to the person to make the best decision. We must take very serious with time since time can only be spent. We cannot save time at all.

2). Knowing whether it is beneficial or not to do things: Beneficial does not intend to mean always think about one's own profit, earning more money. It's not. It refers to understanding of the usefulness of a thing that we are going carry it on. How much it is useful for oneself, family, friends and the whole community. Being able to know this point will help alllow you to choose the optimum choice for not just oneself but everyone.

3). Knowing one's own strength and weakness: This is deadly crucial among the five lessons. How to yardstick ourself? How do we know if we are strong, smart or not? You better not care much about how far we strong. It is suggested to find out yourself how worse we are, rather. Why? There is always an empty room to improve ourselves. It does mean that we are not perfect; we are not as strong as we may think we are. It is advice to find out our weakness so we can seek help always from people around. However, saying this does not mean that you never be thankful to yourself. Of course, give yourself a thum. But do not show it to other. Let others find out by themselves about strengths. Hence, knowing strengths and weakness will you to fix your error part and upgrade it.

4). Knowing about others: Knowing yourself is not enough for great foundation of leadership building. Know others would help a lot. Know other people's knowledge, preferences, habits, story and so on would you to stay closer to them. It is a key to good communication, in fact, When you know who is who, you will know how to treat people accordingly. Also, knowing others help you to associate yourself in the right group. Whether you want to associate with easygoing guy or wise guy, you can choose it since you know all of them. As if you are a leader, manager, CEOs knowing your staffs will help to hand the rights assignment to the right person.

5). Knowing the Environment around you: Where you are living is so important to you. Your habits is more than 60 per cent dominated by the geographical location you are residing in. The same thing when knowing a place of a person coming from, you would already know some part of that person. Knowing the environmental influence shows you the answer to the next move. Environment around is socially interactive and embeded with culture, belief, social system and many other forms of interaction and norms. Remember, you can't act beyond the environment you are living with. A good leader must be wisely behaved in response to gegraphical location influence.

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