5 Secrets to live with your roommate happily

I often respond to my friend that it is not solely about luck that brings me a happy and warm stay with them. It is more than that. It is a matter of the two persons. If their expectation is not high and big different and that they can accept each other's conditions, they will be able to live together peacefully. It is also a matter of lovingkindness one should give to another. It is not about one expects such good attitude from his or her roommate. It is about how well one performs towards their roommate, not about how much they will return.

Most often, people will wait until they see others doing good towards them, they would then follow. This kind of behavoir will not lead to much satisfied result. Why don't we start first? Why we have to wait? Is it shameful to be nice, kind and generous to people? Is it uncivilized? Or is it today's civilized culture when we are doing nothing and expect good things from other?

It is not logical to expect good friends, good roommate, good enviroment and good mood if one is not a good one. Oil and water can't stay together due to its nature. The same thing applies to our human beings. 'Likes attract Likes,' said Dr. Kol Pheng. If we are good enough, we will automatically magantize good people around us and that we even able to change people around us to be a good one. From this ground, I would say that having a good roommate or a bad one have nothing to do with luck. It has a lot to do with being good in oneself and being able to convert others to be good like us. I know it's hard to bring one to a good person but to bring one to club, drinking beer, dancing, smoking and singing is a piece of cake.

Just a quick remind:  Readers may not believe me and may feel I am exargerate myself.  You do not need to believe it.!
For my very particular case, I will never know if my roommate will like my attitude or not. I will never know if he can accept my conditions or not. I will never know if my mate is a friendly guy or not. All I know is I didn't care. For me, my big concern is not about "IF OTHERS" but it's about 'If I could train myself to accept their reality or not.' If I could stay calm, peaceful and friendly in all situation, cases and circumstances or not. It is completely not about "I HOPE" my roommate will do good to me, but it is "HOW MUCH GOODNESS" I will do to my friend per day. This is part of my attitude and I keep doing it most of the times.

So far, I found very postive outcome. My stay remains peaceful and progressive and my roommate is staying fine with me and that the changing from previous to current roommate is not big deal for me. Although he is not sharing the same background with me, I am still fine and he may be also fine.

 It is not the end of my staying in Brno yet but I am very positively looking forward to finish it with a good outcome. From this experience, it proves that there is no valid evidence to conclude that roommates from different background will likely cause troubles. It is a matter of how much lovingkindness you can offer to your roommate, not about how to expect from.

To conclude my discussion, I got 5 very simple tips for roommates to live together happily and peacefully:

1). Tell him or her at the very first day of your stay about your weaknesses: For example, if you are snoring too much during sleeping or you like going out so often. Be honest and the tell the truth. This will help you the whole of your stay.
2). Try to make a regular habit: Your friend sometimes does not need to you to change for them. They can change for you. So your regular habit will allow him or her to easily adapt with you. Please try to make it regular so that your roommate can easily notice. Take a clear instance, if you often go out and sleep late make this as your regular time.
3). Do not expect goodness from your roommate first. Do to them first. Whoever could start doing good first, they are the hero and live with confidence. Spread your lovingkindness to your roommate and don't expect anything back. Do never claim that you are right, good, and superior. If you are doing this, you will become a much lower, inferior guy.
4). Try to spend breakfast and lunch together in your room: Important than that if you can learn to cook your roommate's traditional food, learn your friend's language, listen to your friend's song etc. That is fantastic.
5).  Dare to give credit to your roommate: Saying good about your roommate in front of him (even he is not there). Appreciation and encouragement will push people to walk on the right path and that when your friend is walking on the right way, you will, too.
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