5 Types of human you should know

You may find it very difficult to identify human's character especially those who are living even around your backyard. You may know some of their performance since they might share the same language, school, culture and some public activity with you. You have been associated with them for a period of time. You may feel like you know them 100 per cent their attitude. But many of you can not get that real information. What you have known for sure is only their name and little about their heart.

How to know people clearly then? There are ways you can use to help you understand people's real heart. In this article, I would like to recommend you to use these five key principles I have learned from the class of 2015 with Dr. Kol Pheng, former Minister of Education in Cambodia and the founding father of Pannasastra University of Cambodia. During my term with his clas of Leadership Management, I got to learn a lot of lessons but one of those most important lessons is to test people's character by seeing their ability to control anger.

From his teachiing, he told that basically as a human being we all have in our life system: Greedy, Anger, and Delusion. Everyone has it. However, it is also variable according one person to another. Some is having less greedy but higher anger and delusion. And in this today's Hi-Tech world, human is even more increasing their greedy, anger and delusion. I believe most of us have noticed this change.

For Dr. Kol Pheng, he sees that it is habit of mind that can either reduce or increasing people's greedy, anger and delusion. With your good mental state of mind, you may not growing more of these unwholesome actions. With your bad thinking, it will push you to always look at people, things and the rest as of your opponents. And you do not want them to overcome you. You are not happy when winner is not you. You are going to sleep well when your friend is earning A+ grade and you got lower even though your past performance was clearly low.

These are all the mother of increasing your bad character. You have not noticed them but it is already become you. That is why the above five principles that will be used to identify people's character whether they are good or bad is 100 per cent correct since it is based on human's built-in performance. This built-in device that one has produced till date is their representative. When there is reaction from built-in device, it must be true, not a fake one.

Now, let me introduce you readers the five principles to indentify man's character whether they are good or bad through their anger.

1). Superior Man: You will admire them for sure when you use this teachnique to identify people's category. Superior Man is a person who gets angry in minutes. This means that when a person got mad but last for just hours and they release it, they are definitely Superior Man. For most of us, we often see people when fighting with each other verbally or whatever, they can't get back to normal in days or weeks. So, it is hard to see people that get angry in just minutes or hours. But for sure there is still this kind of people in this present world. It can be you after reading this article.

2). Good Man: A person who gets angry in days and then release. This second type of people are plentiful in our society. Look at your colleagues, friends and relatives around you. They easily get angry and they contain their angriness for a week or two. Somehow, it is acceptable for this kind of person.

3). Simple Man: The most simple one is this third type of human. We can find them anywhere. This type of people get angry in months. This third type of person get mad and last longer because their early age habits were not constructed appropriately. Perhaps their family often fighting and their society is more outculture or uncivilized oriented.

4). Inferior Man: The fourth type of human being is very low attitude. They are easily get mad and last very long. Their mind is half anger and half empty. They born to make trouble and to hear trouble from other. This type of person is so happy to hear other is fighting. Their question if they would ask someone would always associated with angry, sad, or anything that leads to hatred or anger. This type of person get angry in years. When they hate someone, they just lock themselves and promise to never forgive.

5). Bad Man: This is the worst type of human being. They get angry in lifetime. Unlike the four types of person above that may forgive and release their angriness sometime in the future, this fifth type will never. If they hate anyone, it is for lifetime. It is deadly bad. Please try not to be this type of person.

After gone through this detail, I hope that you know which type of person is good and which one you may associate with. But first before you want a good friend or boss, make yourself be the good or superior man first.  
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