7 Golden rules to be a good friend of anyone - An admirable friendship

What kind of friends you are searching for? A humble or an easygoing one? A helpful or a hang-out one? Whatever option you have choose is really your free choice but the consequences are not at your hand to decide at all. You are free to choose what types of mate you would like to associate with but you enjoy none of the right to decide which result will be released on you and your friends.

This statement bindings us to make decison wisely although we have full freedom to decide on our own life. We always want good friends, good relationship and good partner for our lifetime. We can only wish but we can make other to fit your requirement. Since people are living their life freely and we can't interfere their decision or forcing them to follow us, we are not sure if we will have a good and understanding friend.

Finding a good friend is the same thing as you are searching for a niddle in the Pacific ocean. It is very deep and hard to be found. Most of the time, we never find it all. Why we can't find it? It is mainly because it is not realistic to find the goodness from outside. It must logically start from our own internal affairs.

Hence, do not ask for a good friend, make yourself be one of them first. Don't ask for mercifulness from others, show it to them first. Don't ask for best relatioships from your partner, be nice and humble to them first. How to humble, nice, and understanding partner, after all? In below points, there are 7 keys characteristics that one has to follow strictly if they want good friend and be a good friend of anyone in any situation.

1). Lovableness: In order to produce a good environment or a good friend, it is our duty toward them by acting so nice them. Treat ourself good, be a lovable person. Other can never be nice to you if you are not incompatible to receive others' lovingkindness. Try to update your version of lovableness always in order to match the society condition.

2). Esteemableness: No will talk to you if you never listen to them. No one will associate with you if you are acting like the only one in the whole world. Showing your high esteem to others in order to get respect will not work. You must be a humble person. It does not work at all through forcing, intimidating, or cheating. You must act as normal as possible. Don't rush to show others that you are the best. If you are the best, people will not notice you.

3). Venerableness: You can't deserve a respect if you are not possessing any value. Hence, you must bring best contribution to your community, family, friends in order to get this venerableness. You must be a helpful person first. You must do lots of community work. You must be so nice to young, little children, old people and help them as much you can. You must be sharp, serious and hardworking. Respect one's own profession is one of the best tips to get venerableness.

4). Ability to counsel well: You must be an educative person. No want will ask for counseling from you if you are ignorance person. Being a nice, best friend one has to be ready both knowledge and practical skills to help people around. It is very good for friendship that you are expect to give counseling to your friend. With good knowledge, you must be able to guide your friends to live righteous life.

5). Patience (listening): As we have known, our friend come to us most often not for your advice but they want to describe their story to you. Be able to train yourself to be a good listener. The more you listen to your partners, friends and colleagues the more they understand you and like you. It is noteworthy to remember that people will not show their care to us until they know we care them. Give them time to speak; don't interrupt them; agree with when to agree and even sometime must agree with even though not the good time to agree.

6). Ability to deliver deep discourse: The ability to provide such a deep and meaning advice to your friend is the best of all characteristics for good friend. After you have learned about your attitudes, thinking, behavoir, you should be able to develop a strategical plan to lead your friends to the good end.

7). Applying oneself to usefulness ends: Be always the best option for your friends. Be the useful tips, guide, or things your friends can refer to. You must be ready for it. You must live your life to serve the goodness of others especially your friends.

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