Abraham Lincoln's Method to Test Man's Character

True character of a person is completely hard to identify. Why? It is because the flexibility of a person and their easily adaptation to the environment they are living in with their wisely knowledge to fit the given situation. There is no effective detection tool, in history. For most, we will never be able to clearly scan such a person whether good or bad, easygoing or serious, or discipline-less or well organized etc. What to do then in order to know people clearly?

Throughout research, they found that it is right that one can define a person when an evil or virtuous one, however, one can obtain higher proportion of information about that person through several criteria below:

Look at their associates; who this person is associating with. What they often do? Check out his or her friends instead of him or her allows us to easily notice the behaviours of those people. The reason simply because they are not going to pretend doing something good or bad in front of us. They will some from their natural performance. They will not hide it. If they were good, then they will something good natural and vice versa. This is one effective way.    

a). Speech and Action: Normally, we tend to know what is good or bad through speech or action. If you want to know a person clearly. Perhaps the second recommended step is to investigate or search for pattern of speech and action they have. As people who used to stay around with them might help as well. This second tip is proved weak and inconvenient comparing to the first one. Let’s move to the third and fourth techniques, which are conceived to be the best tips ever shared by famous scholars and leaders around the world.

b). Habits: We all now know that we are the production of our habits of thought, action, and speech by early article in this blog. So, to keep it short to detect a person whether good or bad, friendly or the opposite, it is recommended to focus on habits of person. For sure, whatever a person is pretending to do it will not last long. They will one day reveal it automatically since it’s their true self. As such, it is very effective to have critical look on habits of thought, action and speech of a person so often they one will be able to know who should be associated and not. As mentioned in our previous article, we are what we think about most of the time. What we think we become. – Lord Buddha.

c). Character, last but not least, is the central key to a person. Knowing character of a person means knows everything about them from bottom to the head, from left to right and eyes to toes. But how we get to know if character of a person is this or that? By two possible ways:

- Abraham Lincoln suggests an impressive and truthful way to make a strong and sufficient detection. For Abraham Lincoln, as have seen in the picture above, to test a man’s character by giving him or her power. As it happens very often at your backyard, some people is supposed to be humble, calm and very basic once she or he is positioning in a lower status. They tend to friendly and communicable to kinds of people; they tend to say thanks, apologize for some errors and appreciate for one’s achievement and result. However, once their position or status moves up they are completely different. They tend to less-friendly, incommunicable, and ambitious etc. From this ground Abraham Lincoln advises that it is easily to test a person whether good or bad by giving them power. As one can see, if power is given and that person changes little or nothing then he is a good person but if very rapidly change then one knows for sure who those persons are.

- The second possible to detect a person character is by reviewing the whole process of character. When it becomes a character? Who creates and influences this character? From SEAN COVEY, the whole process is like this:
         Thought becomes words; words become actions;
         Actions become habits when repeatedly do;
        Habits become CHARACTER when repeatedly perform.
 Therefore, to test person’s character we got to learn their mind, their speech, their actions and their habits. It seems a bit long and complicated but prove very effective.

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