Best tips to stay away from debt in this financial crisis world

From one decade to another financial freedom remains the major concern for all people around the world. The more we are trying to go away from problem the more we encounter it. The more we hate it the more it comes to you. How stay safe then? Should we run away from it or not? Why many millionars and few billionars and live and benefit from this situation while we are not?

It must be something strange to us, not them. They rather wish to meet problem while we want to stay away from it. Why it is better to get friendly with financial problem? It is because, as said by Warren Buffett, being able to live and cope with it will rather gives lots of money. As he has beening doing, Warren Buffett will not run away from the problem. He will come closer and observe what is going on and then he gradually found the way fix it.

That's why this article is to be. We dedicated our whole article on how to stay away from debt advice Warren Buffett. In fact, Warren Buffett once says: All of us possessing much better and qualitative brain than he was. As a result, he concludes that our performance for the coming years will for far better than him.

It sounds impressive to hear this statement. It seems quite true upon his explanation. In this technological world, we have plenty of resources, tools and books to read and give us solution or clue for any kinds of crisis. Unlike him, he was struggle to study, learn. He can only learn from the facts he were at the same time doing it. For him, it is very dangerous to do like him because there was no sample; there was no guidance and no internet connection to tell him what to prepare, what to plan and to be cautous about at all. He did his business from the blank.

Today's world consist of various kinds of tool, books, internet, lecture, seminar and conference where we can find lots of explanation from the successful persons on the clue to reach one's own business dream. Today's problem is about lacking of resources but rather to select the best fit plan or resource for our own business.

For Warren Buffett, the most important thing in this new advanced and Hi-Tech world is to apply what we have studied into real practice. Never fear of mistakes or losing. Those who used get hurt or loss will obtain the surest way to success than those who never. It is worth nothing to just remembering and remembering the fact, lessons and tips from your teacher. It helps nothing by just joining one seminar to another and so on and so on. Joining seminar is highly adviced but our purpose is not to keep this tract going on and continously. Our prime purpose is to grab the idea and take it down to the ground.

Leave it your own soil and see what will be the result. Does it fit your soil quality? Do you think that kind of idea and yours will get along? Hence, putting your mind down on to the earth is the only way to stay out of debt. After your beatufil planning, try to make it be your productive seed and take care it.

Reader may feel like Warren Buffett will give meaninful speech about how to stay out of debt. Warren will show his magic tip and shares it to everybody. Nothing special at all. What he has told us is what we used to hear long time ago. But one thing that makes him and us different is because he applies it into reality and we did not. He learns from that practice and we learn nothing. He fails many times but he found his way to reach the top. We never fail any assignment because we never do it and hence, we are staying at the bottom.

It is so simple as that. What Buffett is doing is completely matched to natural law. I means that as long you apply to every thing you want to it to grow, no matter it is tree, animal, human and your business, you will can grown. Nothing will stop you, except your mindset. As long as you are performing great, you will always find way to stay out of debt.

One last advice Warrent wants us to know is choosing a person that most inspiring you. They could be your mom, dad, teacher, leader, or business. Learn to act the same thing with your model. Never feel tired and giving up. You must always recall him or her when you feel losing faith.

Additionally, Warren Buffett gives very good advice on spending we must know. He says that if we can't pay for anything we want, do not buy it. Why? It is completely fool to buy something we cannot afford. We will be in big debt then. However, this does not mean to not borrow anyone's money. We can borrow as long as we feel so sure that we make profit from it and be able to return money back to the creditors.

In short, Warren Buffett largely elaborates on the special tips for most of us to get rid of debt and stay safe in this 21st century and the coming year. Follow his idea would definitely help us to stay safe in this 21st century especially in the coming years of financial crisis, to get out of debts, to contain as much money in your pocket, to stay wealthy if we are aleady RICh, and to get financial freedom ever.
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