Core competences to keep culture of leadership development

It has been said that leadership is a prospect mechanism for peacebuilding and holding peace since it comprises and integrates all actors and factors to work together to achieve one shared goal. However, how far it is applicable is under questioning. It might be true that leadership helps to construct a concrete society through positive structural change. In postconflict society, in particular, the system opens for fair treatment and encourages involvement from all relevant parties to form a society they want to see. In hostile situation or during the fighting, in contrast, can leadership be used? Can leadership help to build negative peace?
At the height of violent conflict, laws or justice are silent and even processes of peacebuilding become useless. No one will talk about rule of law or accountability. The only talk that happens is who wins and how to win the fighting. During wartime, human rights, freedom, development and justice were left behind because the fighting to win dominated every citizen’s mind. People, in fact, are fighting for peace and justice but most often they do not use peaceful and just mean to fight for. They rather use forces. From these grounds, it seems that leadership is quite difficult to stay feasible in this particular situation. Keep in mind that political violence can be best managed at a community level by building bonds between different identity groups and that is the time and place where leadership has role to play. When the fighting is at its height and becomes nationwide leadership might not be possible.
So far, more and more states than ever before are dreaming to build their civilized countries through leadership building. On the ground all countries and territories, illustrated by international organizations, leadership lesson is being progressively taught and implemented to sustain the kind of growth that improves the quality of life for everyone at every locale including even in a very small far away Cambodian society. However, at the same time the chance of succeeding is glory the pre-conditions that make leadership process possible is also considerably high. To make leadership worthwhile working, one has to overcome some obstacles following.  
In fact, it is generally applauded that leadership is one the best mechanism to promote human rights and peace. it will help improving variety of states’ capacity such as strengthening rule of law, accountability, effectiveness and efficiency and improving access to justice and public administration and developing a greater competency to deliver basic services to those most in need. However, there are some pre-conditions need to be overcome before leadership can be fully implemented.
-          >> Improving education – Only when quality of life is empowered, should people think of education or knowledge. Education is, in fact, paramount but it would come secondly because how would people are able to insightfully and responsibly think when they in deep hungriness. However, in the long run appropriate education prevails because it cultivates the intellectual understanding which, after all, leads to an experiential one. Once people understood issues such as leadership at the experiential level, they will stick to it and become a big fan of leadership. Hence, a proper education must be set up to every citizen and importantly education about human rights or leadership should not only be transferred to authority but in a bottom up approach.
-          >> Structural change of culture, tradition, perception toward issues and tradition of working should also be promoted. When culture or perceptions of local people is not so open, they might not see any necessity of leadership, for example. More, in some cultures people is simply set into a passive performance. They might see participation in politics belongs to politicians, not the people. Therefore, a gradual change of conception must be made so that people become more proactive and participate in all country’s affairs. 
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