Helping vs. Taking Away - which one really is in today's aid?

One hand you give me but the other hand you are taking from me, do you think you really help me? This is one of the most sensitive question posing to international donors and organization. There are doubtful notice on what the world of developed is doing toward to the least developed world. 

We are facing a long range of shortage of foods, fresh water, fresh air and kind person. In contrast, we are facing the rapidly increasing of greedy, jealousy, betrayal, in-trusted and egoist person. Long time ago, there is no motorbike, car, phone, computer, TV, internet, facebook or iphone but we live our lives freely. We are not sure to say thanks to these modern, technological devices but we are sure one thing: at the same time of the introduction of your always updated materials in our community we found a lot of unhappy heads. Those who are unhappy are the groups who are able to access all new materials. They could never stop their demands now. They need to do every single or sometime unmoral job in order to keep themselves up to date with your up to date stuffs. Even worse than that they are teaching the new born generation to increase more like they have been doing. Our community is now facing big and fragile issues: unlimited demands versus limited supply. Imagine, if this story also is happening at the other sides of the world, what would happen to our planet earth? "A planet which only has enough resources for human being who has enough."

I just want to tell you one thing before I end my paper. Please don't try to help me by giving me all of those materials. We know you want us to test/experience your stuffs and when we cannot stop using it we will keeping buying from you and, of course, be one of your toys. We do never agree to let you driving our destiny at all. You can help us one thing, if you wish and we are really happy, by not own extra thing which you don't really necessarily need it. If you can do this I will have my own basic need and the other could also access to.

Oh, I forgot to tell you one thing about 'Happiness'. It is not a religious point of view but it is a noble truth. Happiness is not defined by your way possessing more possessives but rather goes in the opposite way. If you want to live your life happily, try to decrease your greedy, desire to as low as possible because when you are not increasing meaning to say you are put yours relax and free. When you are free, there you'll feel happiness.

Oh, also one another thing I forgot reveal to you all. Most people, if not all, accepted that 'the desire of wanting more' is human nature. Sadly, it is not. It is human new invention. It is what you have agreed with because you was born and raise in the materialist and capitalist world. You hardly find having Iphone, Laptop, internet, big Villa, luxury cars, wife and children as not good and more or less your willingly acceptance influence your children. Thus they would perceive things in this world the same thing as you have been doing. In fact, we were born with bare hand like a white blank paper. We was raised and taught by family, friends, neighbors, society, intra-society and intra-nationals. Human nature is not about having more but about how live life accordingly nature.

Totally, I would say human's life is like a para-bowl. Sometimes it goes up and another time down and then up and then down. Anybody knows why? Because when there is something wrong we got to learn and repair it until it is perfectly work. You know what, when everything is perfectly functioned human being starts to careless about life. Why they need to take of life since though they made mistake there will be no problems to them. Thus more and more reducing their morality until a very low degree then they start to realize that having violate moral principle decreasing life thus they begin to act in a certain way and they made it. This process regularly works which we can a cycle.
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