Five main principles leaders must stick to all the time

There are a lots of principles that country's leader or CEO of the company must always go with, yet some of them can be ignored in some situation or case. For example, dress well and come to the meeting on time are principle that all leaders must follow. However, these two can be forgotten for sometimes because it poses little consequences to leader here and now.

Nonetheless, there are fundamental principles that leaders can't live hold position without it. As mentioned earlier, three core basic principles - Truthfulness, Gratitude and Patience - are, for example, must be always go with leaders. Without this principle, everything such as values, respect, honesty, and loving will be taken back in a matter of seconds. Also the five main principles this article will elaborate stand out to be leaders' property. Leaders must hold on this principle forever and lifelong, not just months or year.

Why it has to be that serious? Because it is important for decision. When one becomes a leader or CEOs, manager of a company or firms, they are going to make decisions that may affect health, wealth, happiness and life of the others. These five main principles help leaders, CEOs, managers or boss to come up with wise decision and positive implication over the long term.

What are these five main principles? The answer to this question is claimed by nobody but the natural answer. They are abstaining from killing or threaten of all beings, abstaining from stealing all kinds of others' property, abstaining from sexual misconduct, abstaining from telling a lie and the last one is abstaining from indulging life with alcohol, drug, and gambling.

a). Abstaining from killing or hurting others: This is really important principle that's why it comes at the very first rule. All beings needs life to live and do you, as the future leader. Everyone scares of death; everyone hates to see their family, friends, relatives, and their people were hurt; everyone dislikes punishment, restriction, and violation. Instead, everybody wants freedom from wants and fear. Everybody wants to live healthy and harmoniously. As you are going to the leader, you should understand this very important ground.

b). Abstaining from stealing: Why? I work hard; you work and the whole people in this globe is working hard for life enjoyment. They want to own something such as cars, phones, house, computers, and so on so forth. This is really meaning to freedom of property. As a leader, you can't be that corruptive behaviour. You must be kind rather. It is suggestive to give rather than taking away from your fellow people. Those properties mean nothing to you but being happy to see your co-workers or stuffs getting rich, earning more money is one of your leadership traits.

c). Abstaining from sexual misconduct: That's very sensitive and costs lots of lives. Your partner values more important than any other materials. Your partner is your life and you do not want others to take it always or exploit it. So do your fellow worker, friend, and people. Being the best leader, you must never touch up other's wife or husband. This is really wrong. You can try to do it secretly but you will never hide forever. And you will lose everything including your very long time name you have built. This third principle values as your fame.

d). Abstaining from telling a lie: Tell the truth. Be truthfulness to your fellow people. Make it as your habit. One thing that this fourth principle stand-out to be the most and harmful rule is because of its easiness to say things for funny. But everything is counting. You can't make fun by cheating. You can't order or threat people to work by telling them a lie. The fourth principle costs your leadership to go up and also down when you abuse it. It is easy to move your tongue but it is hard to recover it. Always say things wisely and honestly.

e). Abstaining from indulging life with alcohol, drug and gambling: Remember, the last is always the far most important. So does this principle. Why? Having violate the last principle will destroy the rest because the fifth principle really connects to one's state of mind. Alcohol or drug will down you mental state of mind. It will go to disorganize your thought and disrupt your wise thinking. You can't control your mind any more. What happen if you can't? You can't also follow the best four above.

Now, it is clear that leaders and those who wish increase their leadership ability must follow these five principles and take it seriously. The longer one obeys these rule, the higher they can go up.
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