Four Golden Rules for a Good Person via SPEECH

Among all communication tools such as hands, legs, ear, nose, head, eyes, and so on that mothernature has given us, mouth is the most prefered tool for our daily communication. Say it differently, people use spoken word to communicate each other more than any other means. One big reason because they believe by talking to each other, it could help a lot to aviod misunderstanding. They can fix it immediately after they knew something went wrong.

They were right for some reason. Having conversation, discussion or asking question and answer is the best possible mean for human to learn and get to know one another. However, as the talk is easy to be conducted it is also easy to make mistakes as well. The more we talk the more likely that we may go out of topic. We may say something bad about not one's ownself but others. We always use lots of reasons with our being polite word/speech to defend our wrongful conduct and finger point to other.

It is easy to understand as well as easy to misunderstand as well. This does not include when using foreign language or being in the foreign country and speak a language that we are not confident of it. Hence, we must be really be careful when speaking. In fact, there are principles that help guide us to formulate and conduct a good speech always in all occasion. But remember, these principles must always to with us until it becomes one of our best habits.

Four golden rules keeps all of us stay good always in all situations are:

1). Talk less about others' weaknesses: If you have happen to say something about your friends, the person you know or your boss what should you say. Saying bad about them does not help you much but what if someone really wants you to say something bad about them, what should you do. This principle tells you that you should never say bad things or your friends, colleagues or boss's weakness in front of other people. You never ever do it. Yet, if you are really forced to do so say the least possible you can. And please stay with this principle always!

2). Talk more about others' strengths: On the other hand, if you happen to say something good about our friends, family, colleagues or boss what should you do. Many people do not want to give good credit to other people at all. Even they would lose nothing except just a word not a penny at all. That's so bad habit. That is why if you are an academic student and used to do study research you would for sure that you have to give credit to the author you have quoted or cited. It should be the samething applied to your speech. You should also give credit always to your friends, colleagues, boss etc. Hence, this principle wants you to speak as much as you can about the goodness of others.
Note: This rule does not mean that you have to fake in order to create something good about who want to tell about. You just say the true and for sure there are a lot goodness of one people. It greatly depends if you willing to say it or not.
3). Talk more about one's own weaknesses: If you have happen to say something about your weaknesses, say them all. It is not good to hide it.Showing your weakness to your friends,  colleagues do not feel you will be inferior. The more you share the more you'll get learned and improved. The more you dare to say about your poor performance or whatever of your weaknesses the more confident you will gain. Since you have nothing to be frustrated. However, if you hide those things you'll further push yourself down and fear and mistrust will come to ghost you. One best thing about this third principle is you are building your confidence.

4). Talk less about one's own strengths: In this day, people like to show that they are good, better or the best. They are rich, powerful and most professional. They are not wrong but it is not the appropriate way to do it. It will not last longer. The fourth principle should be the guided rule for you all. You do not need to show that you are strong, clever and most powerful than anybody else. If you are really good, people will recognize it automatically and that really good and last longer. Hence, if you happen to say thing good about yourself, say nothing.

After all, you found out that these four principle might have been practiced in your daily life already when you may not notice it. We are so glad that you are adhering to it and we really encourage you to stick to it always.
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