Gandhi's 10 Rules to Change the World

 Mohandas Gandhi is the Indian hero and one of the most respected person in the world. He was the changer of Indian society, freedoms and development from British Colonial after the World War II. He is the father of freedoms, human rights, democracy and independence not just for Indian people but also the whole. His techniques to lead the country for democracy, values, respect and fundamental rights is more meaningful than what have been embraced by many Western states.

Also his way of changing Indian society became a prototype for many later famous people such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Dalai Lama, Aung San Suu Kyi etc. These people are following Gandhi's footstep. And they all successful to the top without getting any person hurt even a shot.

What are Gandh's effective methods to change the world? What he has been using? Why it is so powerful? Why it is apply to every society? Is he using weapons or arms to threaten his opponents? Is he using stick and bullets to kick the British out of India? Not at all. None is closing to the answer.

He was using the technique which nobody believes he can do it. And that technique was not used by none of the country in the world. It was Gandhi the first person to initiate and apply this method to gain independence for his country. Unlike other nations that are using military forces and population forces to threaten the world, Gandhi used the very opposite one. He used nothing except to gather a movement of nonviolence.

Nonviolence, nobody hopes that he can win the British through nonviolence mean. Many Indian insisted Gandhi to change strategy to be more aggressive but he did not follow. He sticked to his methods by asking Indian to do nonviolent protest such as obstaining from using British products, not going to work, sit down on the street etc.

It seems very simple for this techniques but very powerful ever, of course. Gandhi teached the mass Indian population to be ready for nonviolent protest always and never take revenge. He knows that the British will withdraw their authority one day by this mean.

Therefore, along Gandhi's nonviolent mean to gain independence from the British colonial, his principles are summarized into ten amendments as follow:

1). Change yourself: First you must yourself. Make yourself the best, finnest product before you come to change other. We can't use unclean water to get a bowl cleaned at all. To help change other, the same, one need to begin the changing from their own at very first.

2. Be in control: Learn to control yourself. Train your mind to be balance and stable. One must get oneself under control because Gandhi believes that no one can infere you without our consensus.

3). Compassion: Learn to forgive and let it go. Learn to be happy with others' success. Learn to love others. Learn to forget bad memory. Learn to open mind.

4). Without action you aren’t going anywhere. You must alway take action. You can't just dream or make a plan. Remember, a goal without an action is just a dream.

5). Take care of the moment. Learn to live in the present. We know what we want for the future and that is it. What we have to do is keep our mind in the present time. As long as we know what we are doing at the present time, the future we wish will come for us autmatically.

6). Everyone is human and equal. We are one among many equal human beings. Although we were born to different parents, family, and maybe ethnic but we share the same value as human being. We must treat each other alike.

7). Persist and perseverence: Always work hard if we wish to achieve noble goal. Getting to the top position, CEOs, manager requires person that familiar with persistence, hard working and never give up. To achieve fully independence for the country is even very tough task. Persistence must be always at the front.

8). Find goodness always from people: Never look at people in a negative way. Train your mind to think good, speak good, act good with your three "H" - Head, Heart and Hands. Use head and heart to think good about other people and help them always when in need.

9). Be yourself an integrity. You must be strong for the goodness; you must dare to defend your integrity. You must be strong to protect the truthfulness and value of humity. Don't be afraid of death. It comes to you anyway. What you have to do is be always honest your righteous act.

10). Continue to grow and evolve: Sharpen the shaw always. You are growing old day and night but you also have to grow skills, knowledge and the rest to meet the evolving of the society. You have always to move forward otherwise, you will be left behind.
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