Having a roommate from different background is not a big deal

The fact that I am an exchange student studying in Masaryk Unverisity in the Faculty of Social Studies and I have spent almost five months (11/09/2015 to 11/02/2016) here in Brno. I enjoyed my studies and my life so much in Masaryk University and Czech Republic in general. None of the day that I was unhappy or in a bad mood. I am always fresh and energetic towards my studying and staying, except the fact that the very Cold weather does not fit me at all. The rest I am so satisfied. I witness happiness by myself. This makes my friends really appreciate me and they wish they could have such attittude like me.

They were jealous of me. They telling me that I am a lucky guy. I got to stay with very good, friendly and helpful roommates. I can't reject it. I might be a lucky man as they were saying. They were right in the sense that I enjoyed so much the staying and studying in Masaryk University, Brno. I had and am currently having very good time with my roommates. For the last four months and a half, I have been introduced to two different roommates, Allen  from Hong Kong and Otto from Poland. Allen spent three months and a half with me and we were so happy and enjoy our association. The atmosphere in our daily life was completely meaningful and productive since we were able to share common ground with each other ranging from sleeping to eating, from studying to partying and from travelling to spending.

As I can't forget it, two of the best habits that we had shared the most among all are eating and sleeping. It is a bit funny but I have to say this. We went to sleep quite the same hour and woke up puntually the same time. And, in fact, we got very similar sleeping attitude, which is snoring very much and very loud, but none of us got mad at each other since it was a fair game. Interesting than that we often spend breakfast in our room and that we were able to organize many lunchs together. I have to say I really enjoy my stay with my roommate.

In contrast to my peaceful and happy stay in Brno, I quite often hear from my close friends complaining about his or her roommate's strange attitudes. They were behaving very contrast to one another. For example, one went to sleep at 12:00AM midnight, but the other went to bed late, sometimes 4 or 5 hours late. The same thing when to get up. If one went to sleep at 12:00am, they would get up at around 6:00 or 7:00am in the morning and that is already a problem posing to their lovely partner who have begun sleeping in just an hour ago. This difference troubles them in how to get a 'Goodnight' and a 'Good Morning'.

For sure, both of them neither enjoy a healthy, deep sleep nor a productive day. And there are many more contrasities between them such as when, what, and how to cook, who to wash dishes, who to throw trash to the container and how loud the music is played etc. Very often roommates are pointting finger at one another and defend themselves as a proper and right one. That is very seriously bad. Life in Brno will not be so successful for them then.

How to have a good roommate then? What are the keys to enjoy life with your roommate for a semester or two? Is it really about luck?
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