How rich earn their money - 5 Secret points help you to enjoy wealthy life

Why not all countries in the world become great? Why only few and even right now those very few states that have been wealthy for half a century are in declining status? What happen to their systems, people or resources?

Many questions have been asked to get rich and how to sustain that richness. There is no clear answer for this very complicated and challenging question. However, it does not mean that we have no clue for it. We have, actually, otherwise there is no way for some countries to get rich. The clues which i will reveal in the below paragraphs are very important for all readers to take note. Please keep another few minutes for my article; please do not rush to change to another channel.

Before going to describe to those crucial points, let me bring all of you to look at some very fast-growing strong and well-developed countries such as the Nordic countries as Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and the Aplines states as Switzerland, Austria as well as Japan, Germany. They are getting rich even after their countries were under destructive war. They developed to quick. Within just 10 to 15 years, for example, Japan and Germany both the most destructive and deep damage lost they had returned their economy to normal and even moving to the second and third top for many years.

How did they do with it? Is it by chance? No, not atll. It is all by plan. They plan to success. They set the very clear goal to success. While some countries did not affected much by World War II, these two Germany and Japan grew their GDP very fast despites great damages to materials and human capitals. I raised this example for readers to learn.

This example tells that no matter how bad or worse we are we can still return to goodness, harmony, growth and high develop just like what Germany and Japan. These two countries on the way back to the top give a lot vital lessons learned for many of us, especially the developing countries in most Africa and Asia.

Lessons learned from these two countries are huge but they are summarized into 5 main bullet points as follow:

1). Human Civilization: It does not mean to civilize or make people high fashion, high-show but it means that people must live in great dignity. They must stick to high moral conduct. They must respect at least five major principles as not killing, stealing, misconduct, lying and alcohol. This civilization helps human beings to respect each other value and integrate them to work altogether to achieve common national dream.

2). High Culture: It is not just civilization very important but their culture must be very serious and sharp. As you have notice German and Japanese culture, they are so serious. They are so puntual and really stick to it always. If they are supposed to work for eight hours, they work for it sharp. They work for it seriously. They have very clear division between working and relaxing time. Unlike in some culture especially in those poor and developing countries, civil servants go to work for just the shake of working, for just to get paid. They did not focus on value. Japanese and German very seriously focus on value of working. And of course, the outcome will come after our best performance for sure. In brief, high culture is about 'Best Attitudes' toward to working and daily life.

3). Dream must be setlled: Each peroson or nation must have their own dream. And to have a very clear dream, it is very important to get the country stabilized and peaceful. For most developing countries, they can't reach this level because they are not unified yet. They are busy fighting to get power. They are fighting to get to top so that they can earn money from the state as much they can. Leading country, for them, is not about to move the country richer but is definitely about shift and bring those wealth into their pockets. Very contrast to this, advanced and developed countries, although there is corruption still, they are spending much efforts for the country's shake. They want their country move faster and reach the top of all and they have very unified dream for it.

4). Human Agency: Human capitals is very crucial ever for development. This fourth point is very interconnected to the three earlier bullets. Human civilization, high culture and visionary dream must go along with people's knowledge. Each actor in the society must be litterate in order to make the first three points work. Human's leadership must be installed to all level of citizens in the whole society. Leadership is the determination of all movements, development and growth. Without leadership, we do not know how to lead, lead to which place and for what purpose at all. Look back to Germany and Japan, although they were the loser after WWII they remaine strong and become one of superpowers because they have human leadership. Properties or materials are not as important as human agency.

 5). Loving-kindness: The willing to cooperate not just with their own family, people but the whole world. This is deadly important characteristic of all. Loving-kindness leads to peaceful environment, respect, and gratitutde to each other. Loving-kindness and compassion leads to create company or firms that serve humanity instead destruct them into zero.

In short, above five points are outstanding lessons and applicable to all of us no matter we are poor or rich, white or black, the South or North, American or African, Asian or European or religous or non-religous, following these principles it will rewards you and your country, disrespect it it will punish you.
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