Hunger to become RICH - Trump's 4 Financial Tips for Business Success

Trump's Financial Tips for business is incredibility important to all of us especially for today's Financial crisis. It is worthy to recall the time when Financial crisis broke out. It is when Donald Trump got his buisness much success than ever before. Please pay attention to this.

While many business person, companies, first and countries are crying of losing billions of dollars, Trump's Business was completely Okay. While many companies were going downside Trump Tower became so popular and attract most people, business man and woman, celebrities and super stars to associate with.

How can he maintain such big business to survive smoothly through this challenging era? And how can we learn from him? There is no secret for success anymore. Trump spent his times with us. He gave a good consult to us about successful business tips. Trump opened for questions an answer from the audiences. Now it is also very good chance for us to learn from him.

How to get rich and stay safe although there were disasterous financial storm. In fact, according to Trump he says most people want to become rich but they have no idea what rich is? They have no picture of the rich. They have no preparation to be rich at all. Or even they are preparing to be rich but they were not preparing to fail for sometime also. They just want only. And if they heard will fail their business for sometime, people will run away, give up or feeling threatening already.

They scared and they rather preparing to pause their business instead of losing. In fact, pausing is even worse than keep moving forward. Pausing is already mean to lose everything but if they would give themselves a trial and another try and another try, they would gradually or eventually success. This is the different between Trump and the rest of us. Trump also used to lose lots of millions of dollars. But he never loses faith. He kept moving forward always. Hence, the first lesson is it is natural to lose some and gain some. We can't get absolute gain at all.

Trump's second key is that money is around our neck an nose. It greatly depepnds on how smart we can pick it up. It depends how hard you working plus how intelligence you can think of an issue. With your two eyes, you can see the benefit or lost. You must use your third eye. Use your third sense. Use your third nose, ear, hand an leg. The more you are active in your business, the higher chance you find the success point. When you found it, the way will be ready for you to grab. And it will not run away from you anymore. As such, the second tip is use our third eyes to see thing.

When you actually pay attention to second tip you might see the advantage of doing successful business immediately or in a few moths or so. With your carefulness, you found the treasure. You might be happy with it but wait. Trump's third tip is you must learn how to contain those money in your pocket longer. Of course, money is flying over and above all of you but it can also continue flying again after you don't have any skill to contain it. You need skills to pick it up but, importantly, you must have great skill to contain that money. Most people make thousand of dollar a day but they can't be rich. You know why? They have no ability to make use of that money.

Hene, the more cycle you can use your money the higher profits you can make out of it. So, try to diversify your investment, projects and development. Use money to support long term goal as well as to keep your staffs and manager happy with their situation. So, the third tip is to increase the ability to contain money.

The fourth an the last is dare to play the game. Business is all about entrepreneurialist, nothing more and nothing less. You must be confidence in your job and heading for it. Don't be scared. Don't be worried about losing. The more you compete, the more you lost and the more you try, the more you are approaching to success. Failure is just like uncovering the trap that you may fall in when you did not notice.
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