KEY to Leadership: Balancing your daily performance

I have discussed earlier the first two important habits one must be able to balance it if he or she wish to build greater leadership. In this article, I will walk readers through the rest three habits - standing, sitting and eating. But before getting into those details, let me make sure with all readers about the two types of leaderships. There are many different types of leadership but the basic type is divided into two different categories: Internal leadership and External leadership.

In this very article, I will talk briefly the first type of leadership - Internal Leadership, and that External leadership will be elaboratively explained in the comming articles. Internal leadership refers to the fact and ability to get oneself ready for the external leadership. Internal leadership stands as the core step for the external one. Without the core, no matter how strong or clever one is they will not reach the top.

Internal leadership is about get everything from ourself vacinated with goods, effective and serious habits. They include good habits of sleeping, walking, standing, sitting, eating and very important ever good habits of productive thinking. Sleeping, walking, standing, sitting, and eating play major part in building a very strong health system of a person. Being able to balance these performances will enhance fresh life and smile face always. However, failing to meet this requirement or imbalancing any one will hurt you the most and that it affects a lot to the quality of thinking as well.

Great people in the world and many success business person of the giant companies are master in this performance. They know when to walk, talk, sit, sleep and eat and not. They regard this performance as their fortune or priceless gift. They will not use to money to buy it but they will do it on their own physical hand. Good habits in sleeping, eating, walking, talking and standing have led those people to get more confident, to feel more comfortable in life and business transactions.

It seems very simple for readers I guess. But these simple tips offer people really high chance of succeeding in their goal or dream. And disrespect these tips will cost you lots of time, energy, and money. You may willing to pay money but for sure you may not willing to spend time for this easiest recommendation because time can't be saved.

Moving to second part of Internal Leadership, the productive thinking. Productive think rules everything. As long as one has well follow the very first part of Internal Leadership, productive thinking will not be in mess situation. When one's phyical habits are under well construction, it already means mental state of mind is well organized, well generated, too. From this movement on, to construct a strong and effective Internal Leadership is by giving good foods to one's own thought.

What kinds of food are good for thought? Gambling, Drinking, Dancing or Singing? No, for sure! What then? There are many possible foods credited as best chip for our thoughts. But in here I would suggest few of them:
- Reading good books
- Listening to good teaching
- Associating to good friends
- Living in a good environment
- Respecting people and all beings always
- Doing Vipassana Meditation on a regular basis
- Last but not least, increasing loving-kindness to everybody not just your family and friends.
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