Leadership in Sleeping - How to successfully manage your sleep?

Readers might laugh at me when reading this article for sure. How come just sleeping need also a leadership skill? This is should be the first question in readers' mind towards to my article. I also think like this times ago. But thing changes me when I got to learn about leadership skills. Leadership is not simply about leading others to get into the promised place but leading one's own, too.

Leadership, for many people, is for leaders and about to order others to do something for them. They were wrong, completely. Leadership does not need to mean like that much. It rather means to develop one's own personality to the optimum place. By optimum, I mean to be the master of their own life. Get everything of their sleep, walk, stand, sit and other practice turn under controlled.

Why getting one's own performance under control is much more important and that's called leadership? That's a good question. The answer is because nothing as hard to control as ourselves. Our mind likes a monkey, our body likes an elephant, our eyes, hands and the rest are as bad as you name it. They can never follow us and that we can never satisfy it. For most of the times, we let our mind and the rest of our winning over us. We are so merciful to ourselves until forget that we became offcially the servant of our own.

Perhaps, some people come to say that it is good to be the servant of one's own sefl rather than others. But I think serving others is more useful and largely beneficial than since at least we change or help someone from any bad situation. Now, it is quite complicated and very tricky for many readers when my writing getting deeper and deeper into sort of things they never heard or seen before. Let me just stop it here and move to talk about the leadership in sleeping. Why? Is it to have the diploma on sleeping skill? Kinds of. But not just about sleeping. It is more than that.

Do you realize that when you want to sleep you can't and when do not want, it rather goes the opposition direction? If you are a student, you often need to wake up early morning and be ready to go to school during the semester but you often get up late or even miss the part of the classes since you want to sleep longer. However, when you are on holiday you can always get up at six or seven in the morning easily and you feel enough sleep although you wen to bed at 12:00am or 1:00am midnight. If you agree and you are encountering it while you are reading this article, that is how leadership in sleeping will be valuable sources for you.

Leadership in sleeping is the key to get rid of these irregular things and help you get your sleep in order and manageable. How to do it?

First and very simple step is setting a precise time to go to bed and puntual time to get up. I know it is very hard for you but not for your mind. Don't be nice to your body and mind in this situation. Being nice exactly mean poisioning yourself. Need to be serious to yourself. Keep practicing this sharp schedule for about 3 months in length. Should never miss it.

Second method to be the master your sleep is working hard during the day. When you are so busy with your working at the working place or school, your energy will be burning and you seem a little bit tired. Then sleeping is the best to recover those energy back. For sure, you will not meet in trouble in sleeping. Your sleeping will be very deep.

Third tip is by not having spend time in front of computer, TV, internet and facebook one hour before sleeping time. Try not to keep all of those electronic tools close to you. Stay away from in order to guarantee that you will not be annoyed by it. Rather choose to read books before sleeping. Reading book help you to go to sleep easily and you may also learn something new every day. Book is the best medicine for sleeping trouble people.

Fourth and most important, as always at the very last point, is increasing your qualities of loving-kindness. Love all beings, respect your parents, and all other people will bring lots of blessing. Remember, hate other, fighting with other and getting win or lose will always bring you headache. However, loving-kindness brings you balance of mind and stable follow of thinking. The power of loving-kindness is hugely vast; it helps you sleep well, dream well and wake with always fresh face.

In short, have ever you known that most of the best leaders in world sleep only few hours? Yes, but how can they survive? Because they have leadership in sleeping. One hour sleeping for them means 5 hours sleeping for disorganized guys. Then even we can sleep 15 hours but mean very little comparing to 3 hour sleeping of the great leaders. Leadership in sleeping is meaning like this. It does not mean to teach you to sleep but give you a comfortable sleep which you can't buy it from any supermarket. With money you may be able to buy a very nice bed, room with airconditon and five stars room but not a nice sleep. Yet leadership in sleep does!

Please continue to read our next article about leadership in walking, standing, sitting and eating. Hope see you there!
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