Leadership in Walking - Stay healthy and young if you can balance WALKING

The world is moving so fast. With just a decade, it has moved everything into all Hi-Tech and electronic devices. Replacements from manually working to machinery force have been made almost all over the world no matter the small, poor country in the middle of Pacific ocean or the very far North of Siberia region. Of course, this replacement happened since the Industrial Revolution during 17th or 18th century but last ten proves to be most advance ones. Its coverage is so huge. It is not just few high developed nations in North America and Europe but everywhere.
Cars, plane, kitchen tools, phone, computer, TV, musical instruments, and so on so forth are all working on their own. It does not need human to take of it much. Human just stay relaxs and enjoy the meal, watching TV with 3D version and do nothing. 

For most young adult, these technology tools are really good for them. They like it and want to possess it. They dare to devote all their traditional tools to get just this Hi-Tech thing. Of course, these technological tools make life easier but does not mean healthier. Why not? Look the rapid change of the working habits of all individuals when the era of technology came in. Less work and more bally. Less activity and more diseases. Less exercise and more stressful.

The performance of human beings in today's global world is completely different from 10 or 20 years ago. Only around 1 per cent for bodily activity but more than average for keeping inactive and focusing on Hi-Tech. This creates big imbalance in our performance. As a normal guy, one needs to keep the five performance - Sleep, Walk, Stand, Sit and Eat which mean 20 per cent each - stable and balance. However, we lost this good habit. Walking and keeping our body activily movie suffer the most. Less walking and less using physical movement. That's very dangerous, after.

Why dangerous? We are aganist the nature. Nature gives hand, legs and body with reasons. Legs are for walking, for example. But what if we never walk, our foot will be weaker and will be easily got broken. Look at people at the old age, they walk from one village to another with around 2 to 5 kilometers every day to get water to drink and show, and they can live longer with no or less sickness than today's Hi-Tech humans. Their physical appearnace stays strong. Look at today's people. Entering the age of 30 is bad for them. Their legs, their eyes, their nose, their hair, their ear, their hand and their whole body went wrong very often. They easily got stomatachace, headache, blur eyes, and not strong feel. 

Why all of these? They miss or violate one big part of human's performance, walking or bodily moving. Leadership in walking really means this. Leadership in walking is about to encourage all people all over the world to return the old habit of using physical movement, too. Do not just stay easy and be nice to your body. Sharpen your body by doing exercise, walking proportionally. Leadership in walking, if one can achieve, will help a lot in staying away from doctor. 
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