Leadership is Solution

Got a problem at working place? Not easy to get along with co-worker, receive countless blame from boss, no respect from subordinates etc. Got a problem in family? Can't enjoy family, children did not performance as they should and husband and wife did not play role as they suppose they should be. Got a problem in a country? Violence, corruption, chaos in the community. These are problems that often ghost people. These problems really disrupt good life of most people. How to get out of this worse situation become a doubtful for almost everybody. 

Efforts have been made to find the solution but seems does not really answer the whole complex because there is problem already with the answer itself. The answer is not inclusive; it is not covering the whole story. The answer is context-situated and geographically determinate. We need the holistic one and that this article is the right answer to above question, nothing more nothing less.

Leadership is the only SOLUTION to all problematic life mentioning above. Why? What so special about leadership? Believe or not leadership is a well-known term and everybody knows its meaning but why remains many disputes, conflicts and puzzle life. There must be something wrong with it.

Now look at what leadership really means. Leadership defined by John C. Maxwell as the ability to influence, nothing more nothing less. Maxwell defends that when you can influence people and that people is doing something for you or following their task not because they have to but they would like, that ís really leadership. Maxwell is very correct to a bigger part. 

When your people, your co-workers, your students, your children, or neighbours are doing things for you not because by order but they are pleased to do, you should notify that your leadership is considerably high. And the other way around if you force your fellow people to do something but they reluctant or resist to do it, for sure you have not even little leadership capability.

Gandhi, Luther King Jr. and Aung San Suu Kyi define "Leadership" differently. Leadership is all about devoting one's own life for the sake of the public with no condition. In fact, they all did already. They scarified even life for the goodness of their nation and the entire world. They did not hate their enemies. They treat people as human being equally. Nothing is higher or lower to them. Everyone is free and equal from birth. And when they see disrespect over human value, they always step in to help change the situation. So far, they succeeded it.

This is comparably matched with Buddha's four sublime states of mind: Loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic-joy and equanimity. One has to always stick to these four sublime state of mind to live a good life. With loving-kindness, the first principle, towards all beings will bring greater peace, happiness and harmony. For sure, there will be no fighting, disputes or violence conflict among family, working place, or society. Together compassion, sympathetic-joy and equanimity, this is the answer to the above question. And that with these four sublime states of mind constitute a leadership character.

Hence, Leadership is about scarification, devotion, serving the public and in total must consist of loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic-joy and equanimity.  
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