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 Why you go to school? You said you want knowledge; you want to get learned and you want Master or PhD degree. You want to get a well-paid job; you want a recognition from your society. You want to be seen as one of the professional persons in your working place or community. You heard that go to school will get better knoledge because school is where you will taught. It is where your teachers will transfer you lessons and whatever you believe he will share to you so that you become a learned person.
That is very traditional. From the long past, school has been seen as a place where teachers will forward their lessons from the books to students. And that students will obtain that knowledge. Students do not need to care of because as long as they come to school they will become wise person. Teacher will handle this issue and make all students become clever. It is true to some situation that students get learned from this knids of educational environment. From traditional learning techniques, students are supposed to follow what teacher said. Students are supposed to believe what their teachers have taught. They do not need to find the contrast or alternative ideas. And that's very immoral to argue with their teacher's teaching.

However, this is not the sufficient technique for learning. This traditional technique rather put students in close world. They could not liberate their thinking. No incouragement to free thinking will put human in self-limit or self-imprisionment. Without practical and productive educational system, it is very dangerous for students to learn in order to reach the reality. With traditonal education, students will not question about their teacher's teaching and that it leads to further misunderstanding, sterotype, wrong ideology and so on which may cause violent conflicts and wars.

What kind of knowledge and skills should be taught then? A theoretical knowledge or a practical ones! And how will be taught? Theoretical knowledge is important, of course. But students deserve right to learn lessons from teachers through liberation learning technique, not just following without any questioning. In the class, there might be lots of theoretical units have been discussed but teacher should also allow for practical experiement. 
Students should deserve the rights to practice what they have learn from the class. They should enjoy the rights to debate and contrast idea with teachers or friends in the class. They should be support to begin real project that is closely working with society. They should be encourage to think more and be creative and innovative thinking.

As has said by Albert Eistein, 'Education is not just about learning the facts, but is also the act of training students' mind to think freely.' Most classes in developing, for example, or in those countries that are under weak or failed status teach students to only remember the facts especially about country's history. This is quite dangerous because without liberated thinking, young students can be cheated easily. Therefore, the best learning is to liberate our thinking. This liberation of thought stands as core for further leadership building. Leadership can't stay without creative thinking. Only train your mind to think what you think can bring you to the top.  

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