Leadership Success Through Positive Mental Attitude

All leadership successes have to a lot to do with positive mental attitude. No one could reach the top leadership ability without crossing the crucial or rightoeus thinking development. As have been heard and witness, our mind is everything. Developing our mind toward to positive thinking will give positive outcome.

Readers can refer to all prestigous leaders in the world. You can either ask them directly or read their books. You will find out that they all have began with small easy but very powerful step which is sculpturing their own mental attitude towards concerte, and positive thought. They are building their sharp, mindful and stable mind since young age.

They learned from their parents like what Aung San Suu Kyi learn from her father or Dalai Lama learned from his poor mom but very kindness heart woman. They were so influence by ways of developing positive mental attitude since they were little. That's why when they have grown up, they never got a chance to fall into bad decision making. They even never allow negative mental attitude to interfere their good ones at all.

The same thing happened to Mohandas Gandhi. His famous speech was: one can interfere or upset him without his consent. This is very foundational thought. He can do it. He was so sure that physical threatening or force will never be able to fear him at all. He fears nothing. What he fears the most is not his enemy but is his commitment. He would fear that if he can't control his mine. Unlike of many of us got fearness from external force, Gandhi fear if he loses his faith and become agressive.

Now you can see that it is very hard to develop such great characteristic like this. And it is not happen to people by luck. But they have trained it since very long time. Can we do the same thing like this? Why not? As long it is possible for human to uphold, we will be able to do it as well, except if we never regard ourselves as one of human beings. How to do it then?

As mentioned earlier, a person of positive mental attitude has very postive aims and they aim high goals. No matter how long and how hard it will be, they will constantly strive to achieve it. Through a positive mental thinking and their burning desire nothing can stop them from reaching the success goal or dream.

In brief, our attitudes shape our future and that positive attitudes shape bright future and negative attitudes shape the opposite direction of brightness. Hence, it is very essential for leadership training to enjoy this ingredient if they wish to enjoy a tasty success. And that to mastering this positive attitude alone is through highlights 16 key principles below:

1) Definiteness of purpose - Be serious with our goal. One must set it in clear cut picture and specific goals. These goal will either push you up or drag you down. Set a clear and big goal will bring you to the top abd it will motivate you to take those concrete actions. However, fake goals will move to nothing. It will rather bring sickness, boring, and laziness. Be wise with your goal.

2) Maintain accurate thought – Stick to what you have decided. Be honest with it. Be a reliable person. Set a clear step towards sucess and never  fear of failure, negative feelings, emotions, passions. Do not fear of judgements from others as long as you got a good habit you will reach it for sure.
3) Applied faith - Use the power of prayer for sometime when you feel losing confidence. If you are one of religious or spiritual persons, why don't you ask for guidance and the  help in finding the right solution. If you are not in those categories, turn to believe in yourself and the infinite intelligence (Universe) to help you find the proper solution.

4) Master mind - learn by heart. Try to stay closer with wiser people. Associate yourself in the success environment. Seek the lessons from those successful persons.

5) Enthusiasm - Do what you like to do. Then you will like you do. If you don't do what you like, later you will hate your job and give up in the middle of nowhere. Be cheerful of yourself and encourage yourself to move forward.

6) Going the extra mile –  Do not just do the job the same speed as everybody. You will end up at the same outcome, same time, same place. If you do more than other, you will also receive more. Extra mile working will lead you to extraordinary result.

7) Personal initiative - Never sleep to get the gift from Santa Claus or God. They would never come to your home. Why don't you go to them. Begin to do something by here and now. Don't just wait for somebody's initiation.

8) Pleasing personality - Be always a person of value. Be always a person of respect and be a person of friendliness. Be the garden where people to want to enjoy life with. Don't be yourself a dam site where people choose only to throw their trash in.

9) Using cosmic habit force - The uniersal law is so honest and no corruption. Be nice to it, it will be nice to you back. Work hard with it, it will give you great benefit back. Be lazy and you got nothing.

10)  Keep sound physical and mental health - Health can't be bought. We msut be very be careful of it. Especially our mental health, it so vital to everythign. Give your health heathy food and healthy thoughts.

11)  Self-discipline - Most people obtain almost all qualities that have just listed above but they lack self-discipline. Without self-disciple, nothing will move on at all. For example, a habit of procrastination is the enemy of success and it is a friend of many of us. Begin to have a habit of doig it now.

12) Creative vision - The ability to have visionary thought is important for leadership success. And in fact, every has the ability but what they are lacking of is the habit to think of it regularly. There is no magic in this world. It comes only through our good repetition.

13) Controlled attention - You must develop a good focus. Concentration to your goals and dreams is very important because this will help you guide the way to reach the end.

14) Budgeting of time and money – Allocate appropriate time and resources such that your actions and efforts are maximized towards achieving your goals.

15) Teamwork - Give value to teamwork. You must learn to work with team. Life is just like a band of orchestrate. With only musical instrument, you can't hear nice song but when the whole band work together, you will enjoy songs so much. The same thing with teamwork. Teamwork will help you tackle issues that you can't see it alone. It helps you to stand strong.

16) Learning from defeat – Setbacks and defeats are very good for life sometime and in fact they are part of our life. Perhaps in those defeats, you may find a solution or you may succeed in discovering something even greater, if you have the right attitude.

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