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You are free to learn anything you want. Facing today's development, there are huge spread of subjects and majors to study. The studies are ranging from economics to politics, from social to cultural, from medical to science and from earth science to ocean studies and you name it.

Students in this day can make much better choice since they pick up the one that fit their background or their preference. Some chooses accounting, others study administration and growning of student chooses to study philosophy or anthropology.

Also, degree differentiation are much change now. Unlike in the past that scholars became a scholar without any legal certificate. Today there are degree for all students. As long as they come to school regular, they should be awarded a degree. And if they student harder and longer, they should be given a Ph.D or Doctorate certificate.

With this development, our world is consisting of many learned men and women. We should be proud of it, shouldn't we? No, not at all. The world is much develp in terms of subject expansion and degree increasing. However, the world is moving far away from learning to live a good and safe life. The world is ignoring the essence of life lesson that are so important to every of us. They keep focusing on creating mechanic, studing the earth, ocean and weather, but they did not study about their own life.

How to make life stable, less greedy, less anger, and less delusion. Have we much focused on these issues? No. Are these issues important to us? It is so relevant to us. It is very necessary for life but how many institutes, universities, faculties and department pay attention to it. So few. What happen if we don't know how to lead a good and safe life?

I will not answer this question. It is strongly recommended to read below short story told by Dr. S.N. Goenka, a half Burmese-Indian Vipassana coach. Please refer to the full story below and you can also download the whole book written by Goenka in the attachement:

A Story of Swimology by Satya Narayan Goenka, commonly known as S.N. Goenka, was a Burmese-Indian teacher of Vipassanā meditation.
Once a young professor was making a sea voyage. He was a highly educated man with a long tail of letters after his name, but he had little experience of life. In the crew of the ship on which he was travelling was an illiterate old sailor. Every evening the sailor would visit the cabin of the young professor to listen to him hold forth on many different subjects. He was very impressed with the learning of the young man.
One evening as the sailor was about to leave the cabin after several hours of conversation, the professor asked, “Old man, have you studied geology?”
              “What is that, sir?”
              “The science of the earth.”
              “No, sir, I have never been to any school or college. I have never studies anything.”
              “Old man, you have wasted a quarter of your life.”
              With a long face the old sailor went away. “If such a learned person says so, certainly it must be true,” he thought. “I have wasted a quarter of my life!”

Next evening again as the sailor was about to leave the cabin, the professor asked him, “Old man, have you studied oceanography?”
              “What is that, sir?”
              “The science of the sea.”
              “No, sir, I have never studied anything.”
              “Old man, you have wasted half of your life.”
With a still longer face the sailor went away. “I have wasted half of my life; this learned man say so.”
Next evening once again the young professor questioned the old sailor: “Old man, have you studied meteorology?”
              “What is that, sir? I have never even heard of it.”
              “Why, the science of the wind, the rain, the weather.”
              “No, sir. As I told you, I have never been to any school. I have never studied anything.”
              “You have not studied the science of the earth on which you live; you have not studied the science of the sea on which you earn your livelihood; you have not studied the science of the weather which you encounter every day? Old man, you have wasted three quarters of your life.”
The old sailor was very unhappy: “This learned man says that I have wasted three quarters of my life! Certainly I must have wasted three quarters of my life.”
The next day it was the turn of the old sailor. He came running to the cabin of the young man and cried, “Professor sir, have you studied swimology?”
              “Swimology? What do you mean?”
              “Can you swim, sir?”
              “No, I don’t know how to swim.”
              “Professor sir, you have wasted all your life! The ship has struck a rock and is sinking. Those who can swim may reach the nearby shore, but those who cannot swim will drown. I am so sorry, professor sir, you have surely lost your life.”
              Moral of the Story:
You may study all the “ologies” of the world, but if you do not learn swimology, all your studies are useless. You may read and write books on swimming, you may debate on its subtle theoretical aspects, but how will that help you if you refuse to enter the water yourself? You must learn how to swim.
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