Maintaining good health, maintaining greater leadership

Nothing as priceless as your health. Everybody knows this and offer not rejection to this statement. But then look at the reality many people are suffering from lots of their poor health care. The theoretical and practical knowledge on health cannot be matched. Rather the gap is increasing day by day. Still, everyone hopes that they are OK and wish not to have fallen into sickness situation. It is just a hope; they have not taken any action to protect it at all. Will they stay healthy longer?

Not say about poor. They do not have enough money to buy healthy food to eat. But for most of the rich people they have lots of money and can spend on any goods they want. Sadly, they buy good foods from high class restuarants with very expenisve brand such as McDonal, KFC, Starbuck, Pizza World but these foods are not healthy at all. One has no choice but to eat something to just survive; the other enjoy plenty of options since they are rich but rather choose to have even very worse food menu.

Drinking and smoking are another trouble things for today's people especially the young generation but old genetic. Beer and cigarrettes are the worst enemies of human's health. Everyone knows this and accepts it but very little stay away from it. They rather indulge their early life with alcohol and smoking. How will they maintain good health? Alcohol is destroying human's health system day by day. At one point, they will encounter serious diseases such as lung cancer, older than normal age, coughing a lot, depression or diabetes etc. These serious forms of sickness can never be cured till date since no medical scientist claims the pill for them yet. You know this; I know this but who care. Still people do not care of much of their health.

Eating habit is another problematic performance for most of us. Eating should be set regularly into two or three times a day with 5 or 6 hours interwal. But who care this! People choose to eat anytime they want, not need. Breakfast which is the most important meal ever for the new day is always postponed and skipped by many young people. That's really bad. Perhaps they do not know the meaning of "Breakfast". Breakfast is divided into two: Break (to stop)+ Fast (to not eating). By these two words, it means you need to begin your eating that you have obstain not eating since the evening of the previous day. Irregular eating cause already lots of trouble today's people regardless of ages and background. Having a regular, good habit of eating will maintain good health for most part.

As have said, people did not care much about health at all. They did not care much about take not fresh food; they did not care much about eating habit at all. But when they would come to take care their health? There many occasions that perhaps people come to really take care of their health.

- Changing in position: Normally, when one was in a lower position with less wealth they did not care much about health at all. When they were appointed to a higher position such Executive leaders of a firm or a minister of one particular ministry, they will for sure take care their health so much. However, it does not help them much since most of system in their body has already gone wrong.

- Getting older: Old people are really attached to their health. They are so cautious about foods, drink, or smoking. Old people mean old body and older system. Their body is not that sufficient and strong as they were young. Hence, it is easy for them to fall sick. But this is already very late care. Nothing change much since they have spent 50 years for bad foods, drinking, smoking and they hope to fix it within few months. They hope that exercising half a year would help improve everything. Not at all.

- When experiencing such sickness: This last situation is the worst ever. Of course, many people did this. They only obstain from drinking beer and smoking cigarrette when they found out that they have severe problem with lung cancer etc.

From what have said above, it is important to note that this article wants all readers to begin take care of their health since the very young age. Our body is not like a car that can be fixed and exchanged from one tire to another. Even though medical treatment has ever improved since but still can't fix cancer, diabetes, AIDS yet.
Greater leadership must start from good health!
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