Mastering Your Own Destiny - Key to internal leaderhip skills

It is enough to seek help from the outside world. Please stop asking for help from the sun, star, the moon, or God. They won't show up for you at all. There is no reason they should show up. Even they would show up, you would never see them.

As long as you are not able to open your third eye, you will never be able to meet them at all. Seeking help from the external force is required by there are some condition for it. We can't just go for it such very starightforward. We need to fulfill some precondition or tough requirements first. What are the requirements?

It is to mastering to your ownself. Imagine if you were given a big of luck. For example, you had asked to God to give you a position as a Prime Minister or President in your home country. And you must uphold the responsibility strictly. If you can't you will be punished the worst by God. You may be killed or never got a good chance. Do you think you would be able to do role as Prime Minister after your pray comes true? Are you  ready for it? For sure, you will not and will be get killed by your own wish.

That's why luck and wish can't come to you immediately after you made those wishes. That's why God did not give you a bless yet. God, luck, and fortune are waiting to see your best performance first. They are checking if you are qualified or not. When you are qualified, you will be blessed. Then only in this time you can uphold the responsibility and stay with it long lasting.

Look at successful people around you. Do you think it is an accident that they receive such good position, well-paid job, or earnig lots of money. Do you think they are cheating? Not at all. They spent much time to prepare, plan, and activate their plan for years. They deserve what they have you been trying to build. Why not you?

Mastering your ownself is the only key to meet those lucks, God or fortune. You can't go through other option without pushing yourself up first. If you want to get higher, you must walk up by yourself. If you want the foods, you must walk yourself to the kitchen or restuarant nearby. Otherwise how can you get what you wnat? You must be realistic with yourself.

Now, you got to understand why you need to mastering yourself because when you are the master of your destiny you can influence, direct and control your own environment. Also, you could make your life to be whatever you want . Says from famoous scholar in human development speciallist, Napoleon Hill, in Think and Grow Rich book, that the outside world is always ready for you as long as you are ready for yourself.

However, how to mastering yourself. How to be a qualified person? Begin with your commitment by saying that I amthe master of my own destiny. Then use your strengths or commitment well. These are the keys to your own destiny and the greater success in life. No one can help you to become what you want. No one cares more about you and your career or needs than you do to your ownself. Hence, you must be serious to yourself. You must put the high commitment to become the master of your own fate and the captain of your soul, since you feeds your spirit. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.
This is just the first step amnog many. This short article can't describe all of them. I highly recommnd you readers to refer tot he slideshow above for in deep detail. It consists of many good lessons, bullet points and quotes from many famous scholars in this very field.

My last comment to you is whatever may happen to you either good or bad, you must never lose faith. You must stand strong and facing it. When you can master ownself, it means you are producing vast fortunes to your life. Mastering your ownself means you are very active in your mission, plan and all kinds of hard workding jobs.

May luck, happiness and harmony come to you and may you be ready for them!
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