Mistrust Destroys Leadership and Relationships

The wellbeing of our humanity is under concern. Things gone wrong in many parts of the world by strange, weird reasons and causes. Unlike in the past that we can easily diagnosis the roots, nowadays it is very hard to find even one particular reason. Things are interconnected to each other. One can hardly the beginning or the end of the story.

In addition, in this challenging world we are so worry about our young generation's thinking development. They are, in fact, living in a better world than before. They possess wider access to anything from any angle of the world. They can have immediate news from global channel such as CNN, BBC, Reuters, AP and RFA. Or they can go to google and see what has happened around the world with just a click away. Another fastest and hottest engine is FACEBOOK. Everybody is connected this popular social network now. They are exchanging photos, news, ideas and discussion days and nights in anywhere they want.

This sound goods for those young people. However, it is not always very good. In those social networks or mass media, they are not providing the best reliable source. They don't always serve us true story. Sometimes they fake us as well in order to gian their benefits, ideologies and so on so forth.

We can see that we are living both in the most advanced and Hi-Tech world as well as a dangerous. It is easy and very beneficial to learn from mass media and social networks but with just a wrong click, we may lead our life to the wrong, diasterous place. One big concern for us right now going to the influential impact of internets on people's lives.

As we have seen in the past, it was ideologies competition that divided the world into two main poles and almost went wrong. Fighting and threatening were happening at the backyard of all nations in the world. This was just one problem of ideology competiton what about today? People are indoctrinated to different dogmas, ideologies, systems, schools and moutain of thoughts from thinkers around the world. Even worse than, small section happens also in most mass media and social networks. What will happen to today's young generation? What is going to happen to our world then?

We found out that the advancement of technology and internet is hugely useful for this whole world. However, it also creates mistrust among people as well. This is very dangerous ever. Mistrust is the major problem of all time.

We may forget that why the longest, oldest and greatest civilization Egyptian collapsed after the peak of Pyramid era or the powerful Athenian city fall down. Why? It was nothing else than mistrust. When people did not believe each other, there will be no cooperation, no conversation, no discussion and connection. Without all of these communication, how can we learn from each other. How can we know if our neighboring is having good intention on us.

People withdrew their trust from the leadership center in Egypt Pyramid era as well as Athenian city. When their foundation did not support them anymore, the great city-state will collapse and got attacked by surounding enemies.

The same thing happened in Cambodia during 1975 to 1979. Under Khmer Rouge regime, people killed each other throughout the country because of mistrust. The central leadership thought that he has  a lot of enemy around him, so he ordered his people to catch and kill those who they thought are betrayer.

It is also happening in the most isolated country, North Korea. Mr. Kim Jung Un ordered to imprision and kill many of his fellow high ranking officials. This was the result of mistrust. Mistrust does not kill others but is killing the one who obsessing to it.

"Be wise and stay health and safe, learn to trust and love others."
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