Oprah Winfrey's Top 3 tips for successful life

Opray Winfrey is one of the most famous host in America and the world. She began her life so hard and even worse than some people. She did not have any college degree. She quit school at young and she chose to work instead.

For the first one year, she worked for the company as host show. She began to love her job. Then she had an idea to initiate her own plan. She wished to give herself a chance so that she may find her life glorious and sucessful. Of course, she succeeded in her career. She became the most famous host in America

She has earned both credits and money. As she got paid lots of money, she also had an idea to help back her community. She initiated her foundation and keeps the poor, homeless person since.

On the occasion when Oprah Winfrey gave her speech at Havard University in 2013, Oprah has lists of comments to offer to all students that have been waiting to listen to her commencement. The very first comment is about the turning point of ourlives. Oprah really stresses only life changing. Graduating from university is not the end of everything yet it is just a crossroad to enter into real challenge in daily life. Let's fight for it by our compassionate love.

The turning of our live is when we start to down yourself to the earth. Studying in the class is not a real life. Real life is about practicing and implementing what you have learned in the class into reality. We never know the truth by just sitting always in the class and not the outside world. We never know the truth by just believing what you have been taught by your lecturer or professor.

They might tell something which is true for his period of time but not 10 years after. They may be able to prove what they have found in those past years but the world is evolving so fast. Things change a lot. Rule change, law change, technology change, and people's mind also change we have to change then. And the only thing to make our compatible with society is by working with it. It is learning while you are working.

Oprah's second tips to student is about compassion and lovingkindness. Like what have been promoted by His Holiness Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Aung San Suu Kyi, Oprah Winfrey really encourages students to turn to compassion. For her, it is only compassion that works our lives better. Only compassion leads to peaceful and stable society ever.

That's why very famous quote by Oprah is "When you learn, teach and when you get, give." This is remind me a say by a Burmese monk "When you receive, you'll be heavier and heaiver but when you give you'll be lighter and lighter." Which one you would love to see, a heavy suffering, headache and cruel heart or a pure and white compassionate mind? It's up to your chioce. But just remember one thing - you can make a choice but not its consequences! Do thing wisely, please.

Returning back to the society is one of our obligation. As one citizen of the community, every of us is bound to help the community runs smoothly and joyful. We take a lot from the society, from our parents, family, and the nation hence we must turn back when we are mature. Give your goodness back only if you have bare hand. You can give your heart if nothing else, your honesty, your respect, and your values.

Third key by Oprah is where there is no struggle and there is no strength. For Oprah, we can't just find something easy and hope to get big result. The nature knows everything very clear. If we just put effort on our job, we will also receive less outcome. Also, if we fear of struggling, we will never increase our strength.
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