Golden Rules of Goal Setting

Life is simple, but not easy. It really depends on each invidual charateristic.Some people would see the particular case as a negative factor which causes them suffering, yet the other may see it as trial to test their strength which is really good to sharpen their commitment and working habit. As such, life is neither easy nor hard to live.

It is really a matter of from which direction one has to see an object. It can either be from outside-in or inside-out direction, from outcome or the completion of the mission etc. Seeing the dark side of the problem may lead people to get scary and may even give up their dream. And that seeing the brighth side of the case may encourage people to do more till success.

It is not accident that some people have to start seeing things from the negative part or positive but it is the determination of habitual thinking like that for years since the very young age. The same format of thinking that either lift one free and put one into self-imprisioned. The same apply to successful or failure people. It is very normal that extraordinary thinking of the successful guy is completely contrast to those failures.

Forming a habit of positive thinking is a must if one wish to land on the village of bright life and success. It is necessary to begin from now. Why? There are still many people who just know this theory but have not applied it into reality yet. Those who will start today are getting closer to success point than the rest. And it is never late to begin.

One other reason that we have to set up a postive mental attitude from now is because we are residing the world which is full of competition, innovation and the world of changes in every second. If we forget to move, we will be left behind just here and now.  

Of course living in the competitive world, we have to face with millions of problems in life. But this is our property as human being. We will have to struggle lots of problems, yet these challenges are not so bad at all. These challenges stand just like a condition for everyone to pass this life examination. For those who resist will overcome by their creative problems-solving strategy. For those who lose faith and give up will become the pity one. However, if they fall down but get up try to run, walk, knee or crawl they will reach glory at some point in the near future. This is the only logic. But those who fail and not get up will 100 per cent sure they will never move even an inch.

Nobody wants failure, of course. But why many remain unsuccessful. There are many reasons but one big reason that can't be ignored is because they do not know how to set up a successful and realized goal.

What is the goal? The goal is the point that you have to get or reach. And it is the consequence tasks which you must make it up. Goal must be specific, accuracy, measurable, timing, and evaluable. When we have a practical goal, It will guide us to the right way on what the vision want to be.

As a person, we know that we must have dreams and goals for our life that we have to fulfill before we are leaving this world. Yet, those goals or dreams must reflect one own's personality. The dream must be big and specific, not just a dream. For example, you want to be a millionare, billionare, great leader, investor, business owner, businessman, financial manager, professor, teacher, banker, and so on. If we have the dream and we do not make it happen; other person will take it, and s/he will use us to achieve their dream. So we need to make a workable goal in order to make our dream come true. To set a successful and realized goal, there are two steps, nothing more nothing less:

First step:. Be clear with what you wish to achieve
Second step: Work for it

You may feel that this very simple. Everybody knows it. Nothing new at all. You are wrong. What we are saying above is completely true and the only effecitve solution. However, it's people's fault, after all. They focus on the first step forever in life and never activate it or they wholeheartedly focus only the second step which is to just work and work and work. This is really wrong. The right is:
A goal (first step) without practice (second steop) is just an illusionary dreamer.
A practice (second step) without a goal (first step) is just a wanderer.
However, only combination of both a goad and a practice set you a successful and realized life.
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