The Art of War and Art of Business: Lessons for successful business strategies

The Art of War is one of the most famous books in the world. For long time, this book has been subject to be studied by many political scientist and leaders of the world. There many studies about all lessons that have been taught by Sun Tzu, one of the old Chinese scholar. In fact, the teaching of Sun Tzu was given very long time ago. It is about more than 2000 years ago. But the book was collected and written into its formal text as other modern book.

Sun Tzu's book "the Art of War" has been sold across the world millions of copies in many languages around the world. You may find it in your nearest library in the university, public library or the book store. It is available for you at your disposal. Also you can download it in PDF, ebook through online bookselling.

For long time, this book was attracted by only political scientists but not many business persons. They did not notice that this teaching can be applied to daily business practice. They thought that, as the title of the book 'the Art of War0', this book is only for fighting the war and how to win the war, nothing more than that.

However, the new discovery has shown that this book 'the Art of War' is not just a good book for leader of a nation and country but it also very good for business strategies. Now, the world turns to study from this book. It is very honor for me to spread this message through this article. Please alway refer to the book for the greatest teaching ever.

It is noteworthy to remind that the Art of War is one of ancient Chinese military strategies or kind of agreement guided by Sun Tzu, one of the high-ranking military commander. Sun Tzu had given best platforms consisting of strategies and tactics, and treaty of Realpolitik in Chinese ancient time during when Sun Tzu himself was witnessing the true story.

The meaning of the book is so huge. It dedicated to political and military strategies. For example, Sun Tzu wrote about the situation when in the battle. By unveiling the complex, often unexpected, interrelationships of armies locked in battle, they reveal the best principles of victory in the war struggle of real world. Through the pragmatic tips to the essence of strategical principles as has been described by the author of the book, the teaching and commmentaries is pretty useful for not only warfare but business practice, too,

Another example from Sun Tzu's strategy. He said that in the playing the game of politics or building a successful band, closing an agreement or managing a large organ, making violent conflict, war or even making peace,

The same thing when applying to business world. To get the victory and to earn much money, business person must already believe in themselves and they should also see money they could earn even they have not start the project yet.

Without further do, through this article i would like to invite all of readers to refer to the book for more detail about this greatest teaching. Always remember that when reading the book, it is suggested to always take note all the important tips. And do not forget to share with us all your understanding in order to increase our knowledge on both realpolitik world and business world, especially helps us to incerase our leadership ability. 
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