The first victim is you when get angry - 5 Paths to calm down your mind

It is normal for all of us to get angry. We have reasons to get mad at someone or something. But these reasons are sometimes right and sometimes wrong. For many of us, it is allowed to get angry when we have reasonable proof to defend our act. We may even do a revenge (for some culture I guess) when we receive unjust decision or act from any authority or person. However, we shall not increase our angriness when we are wrong.

This very ideal type of statements. Most of us accept these norms and really appreciate it. But so far how many follow this kind of suggestion or rule. Most of us even try to hide the reality and try as much to say something bad about others and good ourself. They try all mean to do whatever to justify their act. That's reality.

This is one thing that is troubling individual beings in today's world. It is already a habit for them to defend themselves although they were actually wrong. As long they could win over their opponents. Full of anger, right now, in people's mind everywhere, no matter they are in the developed or underdeveloped world. Anger leads to many crisis and fragile situations, after all. How to deal with it? How to calm ourselves down and live our lives peacefully?

This article is intending to give a trial in explaining why you never get angry although you are not wrong and have just reason to defend yourself. As mentioned early, it is already a common practice for most culture that good person should enjoy freedoms and rights much more including to blame to the wrong ones. This article will show that it is all gone wrong. You have no reason to hate, angry or get mad at others.

As written in the tille, angriness is really bad for not just other but your ownself. Most of us think there is nothing to get angry. It's a good way to release it away. Imagine when is getting angry. They were trying to fire their tension higher to be like a hot, red metal that was burned by 100 degree celsius and preparing to throw it to their rivals. And they hope that their enemies will be very paintful. They will be happy and satisfied if they are done their job. However, they did not notice that when they get angry and try to increase that tension in somewhere in their and looking to almost blow to someone which they hope will make that one paintful, they are the first person who gets this paintful feeling.

They are very first victim who will be punished by their angriness and the longer they keep it the longer they burn themselves out. It is very crazy, isn't it? We hope we can make someone unhappy and paintful by getting angry at them but we make ourselves hurt rather. Should we do this then? We should not at all. It is insense to punish our ownselves.

Of the same 24 hours per day, should we choose to live our live happy or sad. Sad will help us change nothing; angriness also helps us improve nothing; why aren't we happy then. Happy will help push us to the bright side; happiness leads us to meet happy people, jobs, and place.  How to keep clam then?

There are a bunches of rules to it, but i will just pick up few of them to discuss here:

1). Make a habit of caring others from very early age: It is very important to do it since the early of your age. Before habits of jealous, angry, and greedy come to destory you, make a good one first. It is impossible to change it when you are older. When the good is in you, for example caring others, it will lead you to not get angry at others. It will always find reasons for you to forgive and forget.
And you might wonder why you always meet good people. In fact, your good habits magnetize good people to live around and even not people still can live with you because of your goodness.

2). Learn to unaccept the truth even though you do not like it: Favortisim is main problem for all of us. We like to see this and not that. We don't like to meet this and that. Forget it. We can never satisfy yourself. We can never escape from things or persons we don't like by running away from them. But we can by eliminate our bias mind. We can eliminate all bad things through erasing our bad mental state of mind. We can delete bad people by purifying our mind.

3). Be aware of law of nature: Getting angry and sad is one natural phenomena. It comes and goes. No one can change it. It happens to every of us and don't be sad that it only comes to you. It happens as it is and applies to every individual beings. But why some people do not get much mad. It is because they know and accept the natural law. Natural laws overrule any forces. It is useless to hate it. Why don't accept it and be an observer, not a reactive person.

4). Be a half full glass of water: One big reason people is fighting each other is because they thought they are strong, perfect, never get wrong, and always right. They never open themselves for something new. They never know that they are just one small atom of the universe. They never realize that they have limitation. They need to open for new knoledge, new experience and new tips. Be a half full glass of water so that you can more water in.

5). Put yourself as a service provider: The best and easiest way to keep yourself calm forever is by regarding yourself as the service privider. Learn how to serve others. The more can make people happy the happier you are. The more you give, the lighter you are. The more you serve, the more you get served. However, the more you make people sad, the more you are stressful. The more you take from other, the more you heavier and heavier, mean.

In brief, you may question why some people never get angry, for example Dr, Kol Pheng. Actually, he also has the feeling of madness, hate, and aggressiveness but he has trained himself since very young age that's why he can get himself under controlled. Why not you? Start to train yourself from now by creating a habit of caring, loving, helping others.
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