The Power of Forgiveness - Best Solution to Resolve Today's World Crisis

The world we are living right now is really unstable. We are having a lot of unresolved problems such as poverty in many least developing, shortage and hunger in India and China, the most populous countries in the world, natural disaster in almost all nations, global warming and climate change, pandemic diseases, and violent conflicts that may result from ethnic, ideological, religous and not religous disagreements.

Very contrast to what have been predicted after the colapse of the Cold War and the success of liberal democracy over communist ideology that the world will be more peaceful, growth, advanced development and so on so forth, the current world affairs is not that close to this prediction at all. It goes almost 180 degree opposite. We are remaining struggle to build a peaceful world.

Look around you, what has happen every day in your mass media and social networks. You can count it and range into two different catorgies - good news and bad news. Which one you would rank the top. It is, of course, bad or suffering news would win the place. Ranging from local to international news, you will hear problems such as financial crisis, immigration crisis, violent conflicts, ethnic or cleansing conflict, the wide spread of extremist, radical groups such as ISIS, and many other social problem such as mistrust or fearness that may bother our living.

Why is that? How to deal with it? Do you think we can do something to do get it resolved? Or is it impossible for us to reslove? If it is possible, is it through peaceful or violent means? I don't know if some of you choose the violent mean. I will not choose to deal with problem through that options at all and if there is only this option (violence) I will choose to not choose.

Why non-violence is the most preferable choice for me and might be for the majority? Because it is dealing with longer vision. It is not just resolving the problem but it is preparing people to trust each other and be able to integrate them to live together. Peaceful mean will upset the extremist and radical groups. Why?

In fact, what the extremists and radical groups is doing, for example like those cruel problems in Syria and the whole Middle East, is because they expect to make us angry and doing some revenge back. They expect that we will get hurt and get angry. For sure, if we deal with them through forces it means that we get mad at them. And this means that they can make us crazy and lost concentration.

However, if we keep humble and stick to the peaceful solution they (radical groups) will be sad and may give their violent mean to another thing else. The whole idea I want to mean is that as somebody gets angry with us and they hate us, they would like to do something to make us unhappy and angry, too. But if we place no room for angriness, they would be disappointed and no momentus to continue their cruel plan.

This article wants to send a message to all individual human beings and the world leaders that violent mean to resove the problem is not a sufficient answer at all. It rather widespreads or escalates to problem to be bigger and bigger. Look at the example of American bombardment in Cambodia during 1972 to 1975 against Khmer Communist in the North of Cambodia, this bombardment did not help anything to Khmer Republic government. It rather pushed Cambodian people to hate American and the Republic government and joined the Communist groups because their innocent family members, relatives, and love one lost their lives for nothing wrong. Even though the purpose of bombing was good but were dropping to kill everybody including civilians and noncombatants.

The same things apply to any combatting against the Islamic States in the Middle East. Using force will rather create fear, mistrust, anger among civilians, innocent, young people. They will increase their hatred aganist the enforcers and join the radical groups instead.

Hence, the best solution must be made through nonviolent mean only. In order to create this century be the century of secular, century of value, century of ethic, century of dialogue, century of forgiveness, century of cooperation, century of mutal respect and understanding, century of growth and development, and century of peace and stability best, applicable resolution we are searching for is Ahimsa in Pali language which means nonviolence.
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