The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens - A true gift for teenage soul

The best teenager's book for this 21st century is The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, nothing more nothing less. Altough it was published in late 20 century, this book's explanation and guidance stays true till date. It describes very perfect matched about teenage life and how to develop a strong, concrete sould.

Perhaps many of the readers have heard already the name of the book or at least its popuparity. This book counts as one the human heritage due to its vast advantage to humanity, especially our young generation. It is note worthy to remember that the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens became a 1998 bestselling self-help book. Millions of its copies have been sold to many different regions, continents and are translated into multi language. Mr. Sean Covey, importantly, the son of Stephen Covey is the author of this very priceless book.

In fact, the book is dedicated to the development of better habits of our teenager. It says everything on how to change from bad habits to a good one. It also addresses the root causes of habits. As you will see the slideshow below, there is a question asked "Who Am I?"

The answer is presented in order which is very logic. The answer is not straight forward like one plus one is two but the answer hit the point by looking back to find the original terms. The response to the question "Who Am I" is like this:

A repetition of mind or thought creates a word. A repetition of word creates action and a repetition of action creates habit. A repetition of habit creates character. A repetition of character creates destiny. So the answer to 'who am I' is I am your habit or character.

Why like this because habits or character represents those most repetitive actions, speeches and thoughts. Habits are the reflections of the one's own thinking, word and actions. Without repetion, we can't count it. So, we are the combination of our habitual action we have done since very young age.

Why this book focuses on this habit? It is as the answer have expressed out. Habits responsible for either great success or greatest failure. Habit is so vital to all kind of development. Leadership qualities, for example, can't work out without developing a good, sustaining habit. Habit determines the whole of your life.

And that habit is the biggest part of a teenager’s life. Look in today's reality, what kind of habits are your daughter, son, friends, family? You may not notice it but it is very powerful to your love one. If without caring, it would turn wrong. And that it's hard to change it.

Importantly young people, they must develop a good habit from early age. They need to balance their good habits otherwise this will make their life harder or even lead into a disaster. As often the case, teens always want something easy to themselves. But the fact that when we are so easy to ourselves, then ourselves won't be easy to us. Ourselves will make us hard, suffering, and depress.

Look at young in your family. They always complain they can't have much space for anything else because they have to do their schoolwork, friends, family, sports, etc. Some kids go even worse. They chose to run their lives through depressions and drugs. so the 7 habits of highly effective teens  is a good lessons for them. They must have chance to read this book so that it can help accommodate kid’s hectic schedules into order. What are the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens?

These are the seven habits are:

1). Be proactive
2). Begin with the end in mind
3). Put first things first
4). Think win-win
5). Seek to understand, Then to be understood
6). Synergize
7). Sharpen the saw.

To be very successful in changing your habits to a good one, you must apply these habits into your everyday life strictly. By keeping this practice constantly working, it will help you to overcome the problems within yourself. Then it will help to create the good relationships between yourself and others.

Lastly these habits will empower you to increase the chance of self-renewal yourself. It brings you a kind of humble, active person, knows how and when to priortize the tasks, able to integrate yourself in the group, and open for good communication. At the end, you will be a stable, balance, and successful person ever.
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