Three Qualities for best leaders - Truthfulness, Gratitude and Patience

In searching for increasing the ability to influence people is leader's most important job. How to lasting get respect and understand from the public is another most crucial but also the hardest task for today's Executive or Manager could have been doing.

For most of the time, best CEO of the year is not the best and perhaps the worst rather should be awarded. Yet, this society prefers this kind of behaviour or performance. This is really wrong. To get the awards or receive the champion, one executive leader must fulfil lots of requirement. It is not physically hard but mentally focus.

Then what are the core traits to be the best CEO, leader, manager and person of the year? In fact, there are many characteristics to be pointed out (which I will do it in the next article) but in this very specific article I would like pick three very important qualities of being the greatest, lasting leadership.

Do not hesitate to express your argument if these principles do not fit the reality or do not reflect what nowadays leaders are doing. The principles that i'm going to discuss are naturally inborn into everybody's life. Noticing it or not, we all have it. Our parent gave us since the day we were born. That's why to some people they would these are very traditional principles which somehow are outdated. However, this article is proving that the triple core values: Truthfulness, Gratitude and Patient never get old neither need new principles to substitute it. These principle is lasting true and permanently applicable to all nations, geographic, position, status, religions, system, races etc.

Perhaps there would be questions about who invented or discover these principle. Do not worry! No one invented it, neither do God. These principles belong to nobody but is applying to everybody without any exception. Why not exception? Let go with me to see the detail of those three best traits for anybody who wishes to become great leader, best CEO, best Executive leadership and best person of the month, year, or whole life.

Let me first elaborate on these three principles (Truthfulness, Gratitude, and Patient) as follow:

a). Truthfulness: Whatever English dictionary gives definitions, for most of us this is very clear that truthfulness is about being honesty and sincerity toward reality of things. Everyone knows this, right? But why not every of us becomes the best leadership, most prominent CEO or manager if all know about this first principle?

There is one thing most people on earth do not pay attention to which is TRUTHFULNESS  is not a noun. It is not just being simply honesty and that's it. No, it is beyond that understanding. And that few people understood this concept. That is why the world remains shortage of great leadership, the company remains have not enough leadership workers. Only Mohandas Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi have been to the top and not all of us. These great people understood very clear the first principle of truthfulness that: Truthfulness is not a noun; it is a verb with very active performance.

One has to do it, not just knowing it in mind and keep silence. Materialize this principle into practicality and turn it into one's own habit. For sure, great leader starts with this very first principle. So, the tip is turning thinking or knowing-principle into working-principle. This first principle represents your active hand, 1st H principle.

b). Gratitude: Since we were born, we owe many things to many people and this universe. The best relationship between air, land, water, fire and wind makes the earth and its neighbouring run smoothly and that we, the human, also enjoy a good life. Nature provides us so many things we can't count. We need to be grateful with our nature as well. What about parents? They are priceless than the earth, nature and the rest for us.

Why i say this? Because we need to realize that we owe many things to many peoples. Then what we have to do is be grateful about them. Ready to show great respect to not just our lovers, belovers, family, friends but anybody. With our heart, one must remember that giving hand to people is really required since we are living interdependently.

Why it has to do with best leader? I said why not. All best leaders in history always respect and thankful to their own citizens. All best CEOs always loves, protect and gratitude to their co-workers. This is how they get to the top. This is counting the 2nd principle or 2nd H principle.

c). Patient: Nothing in this universe is easy for you. The simple thing requires simple person to do it but the best thing requires best performance from you. And it's patient or perseverance. This is logical truth for all lives. Bear in mind this principle if you want to stay at the top and be there longer. It is not hard to do for those who already have the first two principles.

So this third principle wants you to never give up for what you have committed to. Aung San Suu Kyi for democratic freedom, Nelson Mandela for African liberation from Apartheid, Luther King for equal treatments began with hardest job and end with glorious success. Why success? Only one answer is patience and always moving forward.

These three principles are interconnected. Having the all these three qualities will put you at the top of any organization, company, CEOs, government position, or all kinds of leadership.
Follow it, you will succeed your goal. Ignore it, you will move nothing!
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