Top 4 Keys to enjoy life

Living a life of purpose is the only dream for everyone. We can have different kinds of goals but we are sharing one thing together which is to achieve those ended goals. We work hard for it. We may dare to do anything in order to make what we have set realized. That is a taste of life. Manay of us are under progressing and few only that are approach closer to their goals. Why so few?

It is because mainly majority of people did not follow what they have promised. They want this and that and they are not enough with what they have received. Perhaps, some of readers already reached part of your dream but you did not realized. Sometime a property in our hand was not important until somebody took it away.

Maybe, everybody is living already with a life of purpose then. What they should is to turn a step back rethink what they had wanted and what they have reached. The idea is that when they create a lot of dream; they want this and that and so on so forth. They can't live themselves in the present time. They are living 90 per cent of their life in the furture.

In fact, having big dream and always looking ahead is very good for all human beings to keep improving their ability in order to match the societal changes. It is very good that a boy or a girl to enjoy the freedoms of thinking especially when they dare to dream big. Their nation as well as their society would be proud of them and looking forward to see their achievement.

 However, dreaming big and encouraging to desire more is not always good as what have been promoted by many thinkers such as Robert Kiyosaki, John Maxwell, Dale Carnegie, or Jim Rohn. There might be an easy misunderstanding on this promotion. At the same time they are promoting to dream big, all famous authors should also teach humans to enjoy their moment of living as well. This is very important than anything.

Being able to make a day happy is really good for life. We do not need to wait until one day after we are working so hard to get rich then we are celebrating our happy day. No, we will not. Happiness can only made through day by day accumulation and vice versa an unhappy life is also happened through the sum of many bad days as well. That means we can have any dream we want but make sure that those dream must be slice into small pie so that we can achieve it day by day. And at the end of the day, we will enjoy more.

One thing that this article wants to point out the most is we have to create a habit of being able to make ourselves happy every day. For sure, not many people can do this and for sure that they may hope that one day they will do it. But for sure they will not. The only that they can is by starting it from now. Because if not now, they will let the habit of unhappy, sad, disappointment, stress, depression and so on so forth to come in and indulge their life.

What to be done in order to help us enjoy the moment and reach our big dream easily? There are five keys principles to do:

1). Want less and do more: Always want this and that is already human's hertitage. Most of us even come to say that it is our freedom to want more and if somebody tells to stop that's a violation. We are right to a certain extent but who cares of us and may be able to help us when we fall under greedy trap. None can help us. It is better to want less in life but do more. It is not owning lots of materials that will make us happy but it is our mind that make us happy. So, as long as we can keep our mind fresh we'll be happy. Also, do more is strongly advised because it is not want more that will give you more but do more rather will.

2). Do less and relax more: In this principle, it does not mean that you have to do nothing. You do but only do things that help your mind relax. Do not do yourself with drinking, smoking, for example, because these are the worst objects that make you can't relax at. It is recommended to do more relax by reading books, doing meditation, or writing a good book. This is very good tip to free your thinking and for sure you will be able to relax.

3). Do less anger and more compassion: An angry person will burn himself, not anybody else. It is very crazy that a person has to get mad with others. Because the one who will suffer from that angriness is not the rest but you yourself. Angry at other and keep it long is like a person who carries a piece of burning metal tighting with his or her chest and want to throw to his or her rivals in order for them to get hurt. Do you think who get hurt first? Not the rival but that person carrying the burning metal. It is suggested to increase our compassion rather in order to make life happier and harmonious.

4). Do less bias and more balance: Only stable mind can help people enjoy life longer. Angry, sad, hatred, and bias can't help at all. Why we have to bias with people? Do you think they are not human being? Do you think they are not allowed to enjoy the same value as you do? They need the same thing. They are your sister and brother, regardless of skin color, races, background etc.
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