Top 5 principles to have a warm family

Since very young age, all of us is fighting with struggles to survive. We encounter very unsatisfied events in life. We don't want to see it but we can't escape from it. However, we hope that one day we can enjoy a good life and a war family. Everyone has this dream and they are working for it. Some of them are heading for it already and many is under progressing.

However, we are not sure if they are on the right path to create a happy and joyful family. We don't know if you are ready for this major changes in life. As many of us hope, having a family would be very good and they are looking forward to make it happen. Yet, it may be a major disaster in life if one can't manage it well.

Look at today's couple's relations and marriage life especially in those most advanced and developed world, people are enjoying very modern life; they have good service, nice cars, big villa, and enjoying very delicious meal. From this ground, we should expect that their marriage life would also be modernized and even enhanced to more warmer and more peaceful. Yet, it is not. Nine out of 10 couples after married, got divorced.

Why? Does modern technology contributes to something to family of happiness? Or is it technological tools that rather spoil family? None of these is wrong. It is good to have modern technology but one thing human should never forget is principle of living a good life. As husband and wife, they must stick to their role and principles otherwise they will break apart. No matter they are living in this modern global world, nothing will help. So, what will help you to prepare is by adhering yourself to the basic principle. That's why this article to be.

This article is written in the purpose to help you readers to a prepare a good plan for your happy life. This does not mean that it will help you to overcome any struggles and then you readers will enjoy best life forever. These five principles do handle the whole complex but it is effective lessons for a warm family. It is the best resolution for wife and husband to follow and their couple life.

 These are five most important principles for husband and wife to follow. Not least, those who are preparing to get married must learn and stick to these principle forever.

1). Sincere to each other: This seems very easy to do but not all. One has to do it always. They must be nice always to each other. They must look at each other from a good point. Although there are mistakes, they must always talk about the solution, not the problem.

2). Respect each other: Treat each each other as a respected coach. A marrying life is so hard when we get into it. It's just about having affair and creating babies. It is not about just loves and sleeping together. It is more than that. It is about to always respect each other dignity and always, nothing more nothing less.

3). Faithful: This is so important. Loyalty is the main guideline for longer and happy family. Lack of honesty and faithfulness will destroy the family in minutes. It is always to stick to this principle.

4). For husband, he must treat his wife as a precious property, not a slave. She is as important yourself. She is your half body, mind, sad, happiness, and you name it. For wife, she has to treat relatives from both families equally in returning for equal treatment from her husband.

5). For husband, he must hand over authority to wife for household's affairs. Let her manage financial and all practical stuffs in the family. She must enjoy bigger right in making decision such as looking after children, spending, and preparing the house. For wife, upon the day she was transfered power to manage household's affair, she is expected to do so carefully and seriously. She must take care of those properties and things that is under her control. She must not gambling, going out and spending time for nothing. She must always take care of the entire house.
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