Vipassana Meditation: Toward greater leadership skills

Really sorry for a long waiting for this article. Just to remind all readers that Vipassana meditation is widely useful for leadership upgrading. If any CEOs, managers, leaders and business persson found out that they are lack of leadership skill think about learning Vipassana Meditation. But as explained earlier, one cannot come for Vipassana for only reason to upgrade their position or enriching their wealth. They should come for betterment of their knowledge. When you get to know and how to use Vipassan meditation, it will be automatically prosper you to any ending goal you want. Perhaps you don't even want to go back to your CEOs position or leaders of soceity anymore just like what professor N.S. Goenka had done to himself.

By continuing to this next paragraph, readers confirm the terms that that coming to this article not for releasing stress or getting your illness cured. Not at all. You are coming to learn about Vipassana mediation and period.

What is Vipassana? Vipassana has wide meaning and can't be explained all of it in just this one article. It has wider definition and together with practical usage. However, I will try to summarize as much as I can and to hit the point of it. Vipassana meditation is the only one instrument suggested by Buddha in order to get enlightenment. Vipassana is the sole tool in Buddhism to get rid of all kinds of suffering. Vipassana is about to turn all learners to focus on practical part, not the theoretical ones. Therefore, Vipassana meditation is a mechanism to free oneself from their own attachment, greedy, anger and illusionary mind. Because these unwholesome actions (greedy, anger and illusion) exist in everybody's mind, we can't eradicate them easily. We can waste them by our sampoo, neither by showering ourself with modern, Hi-Tech bathroom. We can only do it by purifying our mind and that only Vipassana can handle this task, nothing more nothing less.

How to do it? Have you seen people sitting down with their both legs and hands cross? At you have seen when you accidently surfing on the internet. Yeah, it's normally like that. But sitting is not the only ways. As long as you can get your mind concentrated, you can do it under any situation or any performance. It can be laying down, walking, or while working etc. Practically speaking, doing Vipassana mediation means you are training your mental state of mind to reach the balance through converting your mind to be an independent observer. By independent observer over yourself meaning your role is only to take not what is right, what is wrong, when it comes and when it goes only, you shall show no reaction at all.

No reaction seriously means you try not let your be happy or sad with the situation you are encountering durig meditation or even your daily life. Of course, it is very hard to do. It already becomes a habit that when one experiences losing a love one, they would crying, screaming and upsetting for weeks and months. But Vipassana tells you that these are natural phenomena. It happens to everybody and no can escape from it especially the four permanent truths (brith, being old, being sick, and die). For sure that one can't reach the situation of no more sad and balance mind just right after they do Vipassana meditation. However, Vipassana help you to approach that goal. So, without focusing on any object Vipassana is to train one's mind to be an independent investigator only, nothing more nothing less.

Why it is so relevant to leadership building? Best CEOs, best leaders and best business person all need clear, concentrate mind. To make one decision which may earn you higher revenue, higher position or higher respect, one has to be very precise and very visionary. And that only those who have greater ability in controlling their mind can do it. What if a decision was wrong, you'll lose position, huge income, and be blamed by the society etc.  Vipassana is like a tool (if not help you reach enlightenment) to help a water-like person, not a coke or gas-like person. With water, no matter you shake it, it will stay clam always. Unlike water, when coke is shaken it will be exploded and may cause lots of trouble. Vipassana helps to keep you always clam.

In addition, becoming an independent investigator is so so important for CEOs, leaders, managers, and businessman or businesswoman because only with independent role that you can find the real truth. Biasness will not. Hence, Vipassana is very relevant toward building greater leadership skills. No matter your goal is to get enlightened, be the best CEOs of the year and be the most respectful leader of your own country and the world, Vipassana is at your disposal to realize those dreams.
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