Vipassana Medition: The Greatest Leadership Buiding

Most of the readers that landed on this article are so new to Vipassana concept. Ninety per cent of them searching for Vipassana not because they wanted to learn it, not because they know the greatest value of it, neither do they recognize that Vipassan will help to achieve whatever they want including best CEO, best leader or best respectful and hornorable person of the history. None of these are the reasons for ending up on my Vipassan article.

One big reason that most readers come to visit my blog is because they are having trouble in managing their mental state of mind. They come for solution from Vipassana meditation. They ask for help from many places, many kind people, and hospital or doctors but they hardly calm down their stressful mind. Someone, maybe their close friend, teachers or family, recommended them to seek refugee from Vipassana meditation.

If all these are reasons to land on my article, I suggest you to change to mind not to read this. Why do I say this? Because 99 per cent of those readers who stopped my blog for these particular reasons got nothing back, no improvement and no adding new value at all. Vipassana is not your doctor, neither a medicine that you cant take then it automatically treat all of your sickness. Not at all.

I remember once I read Goenka's autobigraphy he told us that he was a successful business person in Myanmar. He was the representative of Indian business community. He got to travel a lot and he knew many good places and good doctor. At one point, Goenka got one kind of diseases which always make him headace, a serious one. He can't enjoy his sleeping anymore. He tried to find the best doctors from many countreis including Japan, Korea, China, UK, France, Germany, and the US but none can hlep him recover. He even dared to spend all of his earning in exchange for just better health. Still, he can't. One day, one of his best friends recommended him to go to Vipassana Centre coached by Sayagyi U Ba Khin (1899-1971) for sickness treatment. Goenka gave himself a try. He went to that center asking straightforward for registration to be student so that he could get his illness treated. However, Ba Khin ask why you are ending up in my center? Goenka answered I am here for curing my disease. Ba Khin ordered him to go away. Here is not hospital, he said. Goenka did not give up. He gave himself a second try. The next day, Goenka did not come for treating his disease but to learn Vipassana from Ba Khin. This time he was allowed to enroll for 10 days Vipassana. Within that ten days, he was told to do, respects lots of regulation including not talk to any one and following Five Rrecepts (Do not kill, do not steal, do not sexual misconduct, do not tell a lie and do not using alcohol). It was hard for him at first few days but at the end of the 10 Vipassana, he realized that he did not feel any hurt over his head at all. Then he come to conclusion that if his reason to Vipassana centre for curing disease, he won't get rid of it. Why? Because you will care nothing, except your disease. You will not care of learning anything new; you will not pay attention to others and you only focus more and more on your bad health and this will even punish yourself harder.

From above story, you readers will realize that you come for Vipassana or this article for very wrong purpose. But wait you can change it now and wait for the next article about what is Vipassana Meditation, how to do it and why?
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