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The leadership is not newly created. Perhaps it is as old as the civilization of human beings. However, one could hardly see the term ‘leadership’ ever used as late as three decades ago. The term ‘leadership’ has only become commonly used by countless business person, companies, academic researchers and scholars somewhere in the late Cold War period. In the early, the term ‘leadership’ was mistakenly used by a group of people or some countries for the meaning to lead the country or lead people from the top. Some others, on the other hand, defines ‘leadership’ as the collection of the many kinds of quality a person or a state is possessing to effectively control or manage their public and private affairs. These processes could be either formal or informal as long as usage contributes to the best interests of human beings.
To Mr. Khorn  ‘leadership refers to one special medicine that can cure of kinds of diseases that may happen to human being through one own’s mentality or physical affection. For Ms. Sok Yi “leadership means the ability to regulate issues and solve not just one own’s private problem but collective problems,” since we are one of living beings that loves life and hate suffering like everyone else. One may hardly find other effective ways to challenge today’s issue by resolving them alone. We need good leadership skill from all people. So leadership would be a better tool to solve those private and collective problems because with leadership a remarkable diversity of solutions has been developed with sharing commonality snese to tackle these different challenges.
These trends of leadership have led me as the writer to use the term ‘leadership’ as my blog and adding with “Able” to make meaning of leadership more understood. Leadership must be together with ability. That’s from my understanding of leadership definition. Without any implact or positive change towards problem in the society, it is not leadership. No matter, how strong, rich and famous she or he is they will not be called leadership. It is the ability to bring society or public to an end and rather push further for development mentally and physically; that’s real leadership. When people in society obtain leadership or knowledge and can influence power and authority which leading to good outcome, that is leadership.
Many sectors, business persons, companies and international organization are promoting leadership. They further develop way to wide spread this very special skill. Why it is because, as long as sustainable development is concerned, leadership the only key. Imagine when people are productive, what will be the impact? They will join hand together and drive the country to the best direction they love. They will get along each other easily. They will not go into fighting with each other since they are knowing for sure that is crazy to do that.
To call for the creation of peacebuilding structures to promote sustainable peace by addressing the root causes of violent conflict and supporting indigenous capacities for peace management and conflict resolution, leadership skills must be trained to all people in the whole society of each nation or states. Leadership is the process of removing causes of trouble and offer alternatives to problems by compassionate attitude with wisely behavior and decision. Leadership involves a range of measures targeted to reduce the risk of problems or pressures by strengthening one’s capacities at all time and place.
In short, what generalizes most of the concepts defined earlier is that leadership is more than what individuals do to get their jobs done but wisely made and not affect others’ advantage either in the short or longer term. Leadership is about to a proactive person and take activity to seek improvement for ownself and the others.

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