Why good things happen to good people?

Have you ever thought that you are so lucky because you always meet good people, especially those are people that share the same feeling, emotion, understanding, and attitude plus reason to you. Have you ever recognized when you are travelling from one place to another, people were so nice to you. They were so friendly and helpful. You may assumpt that you are so lucky among your neighborings and many million people around the world.

On the other hand, some people might find themsleves the other way around. They often encounter problems, meeting not nice people, losing this and that, and no one are appearing to be so cooperative at all. People did not share idea, value and understanding with at all. No one can to help them but rather push their life down the the ground.

Why these two contrast situations? Which one happens to you most? And which one you prefer? I believe readers will choose the first option. They like to meet good people, helpful and sincere. They dislike dishonest, high esteem, and useless friends. They distrust frienship when they found out there is an exploitation etc. They pray to meet good people  and understandable and livable environment.

Do you think as something happens to you an accident? Some might say "Yes". But it is not at all. It is not by chance that one meets good people and the other encoutners bad not merciful environment. In fact, things happen just. It happens for its particular reason. It happens to very specific attitude of every person in this world.

It is not those things that come to us. It is actually us that attract those things, events, people, and sadness or happiness. How can we attract it? We attract it by our own daily practice since very young age. The practice which is exactly called 'Habits' forms as a big magnetic metal that will magnetize the same objects to the same group.

The same thing applies to our daily habits or character. What we have been doing since very early age. It makes us. It pushes us to the group of the same feeling, understanding, interests, dream, and activity. It will reject us from what that does not share us any common ground.

This mean that good people, good friendship, good environment that has happened to you not because it is by luck but by your own goodness, your own efforts and your own commitment. By now we should not misunderstand anymore about the friendship, why it good for them, not me. Just remember that thing does not just happen but it happens very just.

In response to our wish to meet good and help environment, we need firstly to be good from our part. Do not wait to see people good to you. Do good to them first. Begin it now. It is very wrong to wait for somebody to do good to you frist. You have to go for it if you want goodness. Those who will start first enjoy very first of anybody else. Those who will start late will enjoy at the last moment.

If you want to good thing happen to you, try to do good thing to people first. Give people luck, give people hope, give people opportunity etc. If you can do this, it is exactly meaning that you already have hope, luck, and much more opportunity. Because the logic is we can never give hope, luck or opportunity to other if we don't have. It does mean if we can give, we must have something in our hand already. Be happy and be nice to people then you will experience the truth moment you really enjoy a full-fledge life.
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