10 Best things Erasmus students must know about Brno City

How much you know about Brno city? Do you like living in Brno? How is your study? Hope everything goes fine with you all since Brno city is one of the best destination for you. Every year, there are many hundreds of incoming and outgoing students under many different kinds of programme studying, internship and working in Brno, and specifically having many classes in Masaryk University.

Throughout the year, Brno City Hall receives very positive impressions, appreciation and awards from students. Most of the students who have been in Brno from five months or more enjoy so much life in Brno. They make their best way of life here. Why they are so joyful with everything in Brno? In fact, there are many factors to point out but let's just summarize them into top 10 things that make Brno city differentiating from other and make students' life much brighter.

1). Brno is the second largest city in Czech Republic. With more than 378,327 inhabitants according to national census in 2013, Brno is the second largest city following Prague, Capital city of Czech Republic. Brno is one the busiest and most wanted destination for business. With the size of the terrority she is holding, Brno is home to many different kinds of activities ranging from educational to cultural, from social to economic, and from legal to political. She produces lots of working forces, educated people, job market, and various types of businesses.

2). Masaryk University, the second largest and famous university: In Brno, there are two major universities but the most famous and important one is Masaryk University. Named as the second most popular universities in Czech Republic, Masaryk University is working day and night to produce effective and productive human resources. If you were in Brno, you will witness that one in six people are students. This is the core reason why Brno is so famous, large and that Masaryk university has been named the second largest.

3). Safety and Security: Because the majority of inhabitants are students in Brno city, there is no doubt that the city is in chaos. Students coming from other regions in Czech Republic and international students have one main purpose which is to study, nothing more nothing less. So, these students will not bring much trouble to the city. Except if they will have party, then all are going so safe and secure.

4). Friendly people: Like many other nations, Czech people is so kind and friendly. Although they may not speak much foreign language, they remain helpful in all situations. For example, at the public office where students want to officially buy the transport ticket they officers there couldn't speak much English but they are so generous. They are trying to use body language to help process work till the end. Along the way, you will see local people say Hello/Hi in their language and when they are leaving they would say Goodbye/See you always. This kind of practice shows us that people are so kind to each other and that it also happens to foreign students as well.

5). Cheap to live: This fifth is one of the best characteristics of Brno city or Czech Republic in general. The cost of living in Brno is so reasonable. With a thousand euro or about 27,000 CZK, people live in Brno easily. Brno is a good place for students, as such. As a student, we cannot earn much money so the minimum of 27,000 CZK is really the best gift for student. You may not believe it but if you were at the supermarket or shop, you will definitely find very cheap goods especially foods.

6). Clean: The other charming of Brno city is its cleanliness. Like many civilized cities in the world such as those in Japan, Brno city is so charming in terms of its beauty, clean and hygiene. Along the streets in Brno city, you rarely see trash, waste or plastic bag. Even interesting than that you will never see Czech people throwing trash away without responsibility at all. Also, the city hall is working their best to keep the city order, clean and security.

7). Well-organized: The infrastructure and the decoration of the city is another glorious thing of Brno city. Look the building at your right or left hand side and you will see that all houses, public offices, malls, shops, supermarket and roads are built and designed perfectly match the space and time. This allow no traffic jams or any bad accidents. From one public building to another, people can also access to it easily with varieties of transportation means such as bus, tram, train and taxi etc.

8). There are two main courts - Constitutional court and Supreme Court of Administration: Following the old fashion of separating of power, Czech government decided to put many of its top institutions away from each other. In this case, Brno city is a house to two important, national courts - the Constitutional court and the Supreme Court of Administration. Right next to the Red Church in Brno, you will find a very nice building which is a place where national judges are working to preserve the goodness of Czech constitution. On the side of the street and next to Scalar Cinema, you will find another famous, newly court which is the Supreme Court of Administration. These two courts are the main symbol of Brno city and that they make Brno the most valuable.

9). Important Route - Center of Europe connection: Brno city is the interconnected city. She connects to many other important cities in the region. About two and a half hours from Prague by Student Agency bus, they will arrive in Brno easily. Also taking just around 2 hours, one can reach Vienna, the heartland of Austria. On the other hand, with just another 2 hours and 30 minutes, they could catch Bratistalva city very soon. This interconnectedness makes Brno city the most wanted destinations. All of goods, services, and variety of business transaction must cross Brno.

10). Small and easy to access: One last thing about Brno city is small but beautiful. Unlike some mega cities like Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Tokyo and Phnom Penh, Brno city is a small city where things can be accessed so easily. People living in Brno do not need to worry about fighting for bus to work, traffic jam or walking in the crowded of people. With about 378,327 people, things will work so fine. People will enjoy great time in Brno city. The atmosphere, the garden, fresh air and beauty of the city will be very good for living.
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