3 secrets of good people - people like you not because you are cute, but you do good

What have your bee responses when you feel disappointed with your life? Especially when you are encountering things you do not wish to see, how would you think of it? Does it happen by chance? You may think that your friend or your neighboring are living in peace and harmony since they are surrounding by kind, generous and helpful people while you are living behind. No one really cares of you and even your suffering has never be in people's eyes. You seem a lonely person; no cares, no support, no encouragement and no attention from people around you. Why?

You may start to blame something, particularly not yourself but the persons around you. They are not nice to you; they do not behave in a proper way; they do not share the same feeling, culture, beliefs, tradition or interests with that is why you can't get something good from those people. You may think you are right but because people around you did not perform right as you would love to see. Hence, all of your sadness and suffering happen because of luck. You are not as good luck as your friend that is why you can't enjoy much happy moment. Is it true, after all?

The answer is 'No'. It has nothing to do with luck. It has a lot to do with 'You'. You are regarded as a piece of magnetic. You are attracted to the object that shares the same moods with you. A drunkard will stay in a group of drunkard and so does the gambling people. You may blame someone around you that they are not good but you forget to look at yourself. Perhaps you are one of them or maybe you are performing much worse than them.

So what to do to be happy, meet good people and remain in the good always? Why not be the changer? First, you must change yourself to be a piece of very good, righteous magnetic. Then you will, for sure, draw lots of good people to live and stay around you. Start to do good to people first. Never expect something good from people if you did not do good to them first. You will never get something different if you keep doing the same thing, remember. Hence, you have to do something new, different and much valuable in order to receive something extraordinary. Below there are three secrets to make your life always happy, meeting good people and live in peace and harmony.

1 - Be the Garden of Life: Garden is where people from any social background, beliefs, culture, practice, skill, profession and interests come to associate. No one hates garden. Everybody loves to visit, enjoy and play their entertaining life at the garden. No matter they are good or bad people they all like garden. So, if you want good people around you be the garden of life. Converting your life to be a place of happiness for people. And in order to do that you must think good, speak good and act good toward people. When you offer such advantages and beneficial things to people, people will come to you. Do never wait the goodness from people first; do to them first is the best thing ever.

2 - Be like Water: Have you ever shaken a bottle of water? Nothing changes, right? Yes, water is so calm. It is so peaceful. It reacts nothing to whatever action over it. Unlike coke or any drink with gas that has to be exploding, water is calmly thing. None can destroy the calmness of water. Try to turn your mind into that calmness so that people will like you. Or you will be able always to keep yourself happy with people even though they do not perform good to you. It is a matter of how you see thing. When you change your thinking on a particular object, that thing will change.

3 - Be like the Earth: The planet earth is the centerpiece of everything. Human beings is living, working, destroying the earth but the produce no reactions, angry or sad towards to human being. The earth never blame human beings and never hate human being at all. The earth remains calm, good, and be the good place for human being to live on. As a good people, it is highly recommended to be like the earth. Try not to get angry with people, be open, and accept all kinds of problems that come into your mind. Let it be. Be like the earth is about to free yourself. Do not feel attached to bad thing; focus only on the good side of the event and enjoy life.

"Do not convert people to meet your expectation, accept all from them then you will meet good people always."
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