5 reasons to study and stay in Leuven city - My real experience in University of Leuven

Searching for the best place to live and the best university to study, City of Leuven is your answer. I have been living in Leuven in for one academic year and I enjoyed it so much. At first, what I did  know about Leuven as just a simple city. It is one of many cities in Belgium. I did not pay much attention to it. Until I moved to stay and study there, I found very interesting. I believe those who have a stay although it's short a long one they will have the same impression like me.

For one year I have been in Leuven, I heard nothing about stealing, robbing, fighting, accidents and even a small problem like people shouting etc. Rather I witnessed the friendly face from those people who are in the Flemish or Dutch speaking area. On the public bus, the young respects the old and along the street you will see no traffic jam or horn from a car. They are driving very quiet, responsible and very lawful.

At the public place such as Friday market, libraries, or the longest pub, people are so nice to each other. They are there to be happy and they are respecting one's another fundamental rights. Perhaps, it is not because they are so nice but because the security system in Leuven is quite good that is why people, mostly students, did not dare to gambling their lives.

However, I really appreciate my stay there. I wrote this article since I believe that some people and students found no or little reasons to live and study in Leuven city. As I did, I found no or little, too. Just when I moved there, things dawn on me and I got to enjoy the best time in Leuven. I hope by sharing this article with you it will help you readers not to lose faith but standing strong and will enjoy the greatest time in Leuven like me.

In brief, I would say Leuven is the best city for many reasons and that five reasons are the outstanding:

1). Safe and Security: Very first and foremost, Leuven is serving as the best city for its safety and security serving. Leuven is ranked as the most safety city in the world in a row. Up until now, Leuven remains in this rank. I recalled my time when I was a student there. I had to prepare my assignments, papers and reviewing for my exam and I had to stay in the library till late 1:00AM. I walked home with no sense of fearness or insecurity. The city remains as it is at day time. No one is cheating or having bad purpose on one's another.

2). Reasonable apartment or flat for renting: Perhaps the expense is higher than those countries in the Central an Eastern Europe, but the flate and apartment's renting price is reasonable. You may spend less than 500 euro per months for a flat of two people. It is really good price to live. Unlike those mega cities like Paris, Berlin or London which the apartment is dam expensive, Leuven city is the prospect place to stay and study.

3). Good and reasonable foods: Belgium is the best beer producer. The taste of food together with beer is fantastic and you can find it from anywhere in Leuven. Also, Belgium is famous in producing chocolate. Belgium and Switzerland are fighting each other for number one position in terms of producing chocolate. You may find fantastic chocolate with the best quality such as the best brand.

4). Friendly people: In the Flemish region, people are nicer than most part of the Belgium. Particulary in Leuven, people are mostly able to speak more than two laguages. If you happen to be in the shop, restaurant, bank or government office, you don't need to worry if people can't speak English or French. They are more than happy to speak the language other than Dutch. They are so nice, in short. In addition, I can't forget to mention this one. Leuven is consisting of many beautiful girls and hansome boys. If you happen to have a good partners, I recommended you to make it in Leuven.

5). Center of knowledge: My last reasons of staying and studying in Leuven is because University of Leuven was ranked among the top 50 worldwide. In 2015/2016, University of Leuven is ranked 35th worldwide by Times Higher Education. As I experienced myself, Leuven is tough and serious in providing good education to students regardless of both local or international students. The system and quality is strictly the same. Also, students got a good chance to study with prestigous lecturers, professors from around the world. Important than that, students can enjoy their research, reading, and doing their assignment in the library for day and night time. Library opens 24/7. I really this one since I can spend my best time in the library, reading, and researching for best sources from internet and internet library for free.

I hope those Leuveners are enjoying their great time like me and the new comers will also have the best time in Leuven.
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