Erasmus Students - What does it mean?

Thank you so much to the European Union and to the person who got very talented mind to initiate such Erasmus Mundus pragramme opening for students around the world to study and greatly benefit from. With Erasmus Scholarship, students could ever go to study in multiple culture, languages, traditons and educational system. This is fantastic project ever for students to learn from one another culture.

Erasmus Mundus programme has turned the way of thinking for many reasons, especially regarding the name of Erasmus students itself. Holding a name as an Erasmus student, students are so proud of it since to get an Erasmus grant is not that easy. There are competitions and that students have to fight for it. Every year, although the projects, cohorts and numbers of scholarship are increasing students can overlook it. Students have to be very potential and prospective candidates in order for them to receive such support from the Erasmus grant.

So, at the same time the Erasmus programme is extending students are hugely interesting in it as well. From all member states of the European Union, students can choose to study for one or two semesters in another university under the same continent. This mobility seems very popular for students. However, European students can also choose to do exchange study, research, or working in another countries other than the European countries. Yet, the second movement is not so popular at all. Since,for example Asian countries such as those least developing countries like Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar their education system and the quality is not that qualified for European students at all. That is why one can see that there is a huge flow of students coming to Europe under Erasmus Mundus schoarship but very little for European to study in those poor continents.

What I have just mentioned is that it seems very good to have Erasmus Mundus programme since it has offered tremendous advantage for students to learn, especially those students from the poor developing countries. They can't believe that they could enjoy such a special chance to study in Europe, the best continents and far away from home.

If we look at the surface, it is true that Erasmus programme is creating a culture of unifying students from around the world. It pushes students to know and learn from each other's culture. By understanding one's another traditon and culture, this will help to build stronger cooperation among countries in the world.

However, if one looks into deep, real performance of Erasmus students things might not the same as what the earlier statements wanted to promote. Erasmus students do not always carry a good sense. Erasmus students do not always great, beneficial and about learning and understanding from eacther. Erasmus students is sometime about something very opposite. Erasmus Students do not always bring cooperation, goodness and knowledge to one another but they rather have brought something unwanted as well.

For many times, I have heard not a good fame of Erasmus students. Especially, the local people did not like Erasmus students at all. At first, I just don't understand why they did not have a good mood towards Erasmus Mundus students. But after I witnessed myself, i have no more doubt about being name as Erasmus students. Normally, Erasmus students are exchange students from one university to another for five or ten months.

As normal exchange students do, they will just choose any course that fit themselves. They may choose the easiest one so that they can't have time to enjoy life in those places. They will just study from Tuesday to Thursday and they will not pick up any course that will be taught on Monday and Friday. You konw why? Because these two days will add more business for them. They can't travel and visit other places if they will study on Monday and Friday.

Another thing is Erasmus students are receiving quite mercifulness from professors. They know that Erasmus students did not come to just study but they wanted to enjoy time there so professor can't put more pressure on them. Professor rather behave accordingly. He or she may not be much serious and strict towards that Erasmus Students.

At the dorm, I always hear a complain from the Erasmus Student's neighboring about can't focus on their studying since there are often parties, birthday, saying goodbye party or the incoming party. Erasmus students tend to be so busy with party, making friends and going out to the club more than studying. Also from the receptionist complain, I witnessed by myself, Erasmus students are the most difficult groups of students to deal with.

So, Erasmus students seem to them as not a real students for learning something or increasing their knowledge ability but as annoyers, and they are annoying everybody around them. They are shouting, screaming and making big noise. They drink a lot, go out a lot, fail exams a lot and causing trouble a lot to local students as well as international, and you can count it if you were in the same dormitory with them.

I have to say sorry for this article but the fact that I found out many weaknesses as well. I don't really like it, too. I was disappointed with the fact that some of Erasmus students behaving very bad which hugely affect others's wellbeing and fame.
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