How Erasmus Mundus Changes My Life - Horn Ken's True story

2015 Photo Session by Masaryk University
Erasmus Mundus Scholarship programme has tremendous impacts on my whole life and countless students. It adds extraordinary values to such students especially from poor developing countries in Asia and Africa. Most important than that, It gives hope to those students who have never thought they could ever spend some five or ten months abroad. Yet, Erasmus Mundus projects turns student's dream into reality.

As I am writing this, I recalled the first time during my Bachelor degree in Cambodia. I really wanted to study abroad especially in Europe or the States. However, I've never believed that I can do it. However, something started to dawn on myself. I was given a chance to do an exchange study in Europe. That's my first time ever I went out of my country and took very long flight of about 15 hours. I was so happy. I was able to spend ten months in one of the most prestigious unversities in Belgium, particularly in University of Leuven, Belgium in 2012/13 under the AREAS project. This exchange study shaped my life a lot. It's a turning point in life for me.

Atomium, Belgium Dec 2012
From this exchange study, I was inspired to study hard and very committed to graduate with honor. Finally, I truly graduated with honor certificate at my home university in Cambodia. Although it may not a big success for some people but it means a lot for me. The graduation has opened me another big opportunity. I got a job as TA in my home university but I did not stop there since I wanted to become a responsible professor. I remain looking for the next opportunity, particularly finding the way back to study in Europe.

Luckily, after I got graduated from my Bachelor of Arts in International Relations in Pannasastra University of Cambodia, I was given another chance to do another five months Master Exchange study in Masaryk Univeristy, Czech Republic from 09/2015 to 02/2016. This is my second time I have been given the opportunity to study in Europe under Erasmus Mundus programme in general or AEAS+ in particular. In this particular time, Erasmus Mundus Scholarship has opened even very wider world for me. As I enrolled to four courses: EU Law and Human Rights Protection, Crisis Management Operation, International Relations and International Relations Theories and Energy Security, I got to learn many things from the EU and its socialist policies. I can't reject the major and influential role of the EU in shaping the world of many poor, developing countries towards peace and stability. Cambodia, for example, is one of the countries supported by the EU especially in promoting Human Rights, Governace, Environmental protection and free trades.

I am so happy and grateful to all kinds of Erasmus Scholarship projects. The EU's good policies towards to many neighboring countries and the rest have given huge changes, especially help enchance the quality of lives of many poor Asians and Africans. Also, Erasmus Mundus programme say in particular, is the best project to bridge to people from different continents and shorten the gap of mistrust, hatred and doubtfulness. It rather opens for equal learning from each other and that it effectively enrich the culture of understanding and brotherhood.

Meet other Cambodians in Breclav, Czech Republic
I believe that many students would share the same perceptions with me. They would be so happy and benefit a lot from the Erasmus Scholarship. Just take a quick look at the Autum Semester in Masaryk University, I witnessed many students from different background, culture, beliefs, races, nation and continents. The city seemed to be very crowded but that crowds did not bring any bad experience at all. The big crowds rather give students chance to live, stay and study together peacefully. Students, in fact, got learned from each other during the orientation weeks as well as from classes and they found the way to live, work, study and enjoy time together. They have travelled altogether and some students even invite his or her friends to spend times in their home so that they feel what is really local people's life.

I also received this chance. I have a Czech Buddy and her name is Eva Kopcikova. She is so nice to me. Although she is busy with her job, she still can help me to learn and understand some basic Czech culture. She has introduced me to the city Brno. One special time I can't forget is when I got invited to have lunch with her at her house. That time, I was so glad since I had a chance to eat the real Czech food cooked by Czech. I enjoyed the foods and the occasion so much. I can't forgeot that one. Anyway, I have to say thank you so Eva for the delicious foods and for the best conversations.

Now, one can see that Erasmus Mundus give huge benefits to many lives. It adds very positive image to itself. The world of students, if not all, really appreciate and love the EU. The world of students have very positive image toward the EU's performance. Let's turn this into a peace movement. As long as people understand each other, peace, stability, trustworthiness and harmony prevail.  
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